Guest Post: Nicole

So excited Mindy asked me to guest blog on her cute blog!

 (PS doesn’t everyone just LOVE Mindy? She’s a gem. Virtual applause for Mindy via the world wide interwebz puh-lease).

Spring? Whaddo I love about SPRING?

Ya wanna know a couple things I love?

When the sun warms up your car for the first time and it feels just soooo good, seeing snow melting and wanting to shove it in all the skiers faces, when the snowy shack opens again on 400 North, longer days, giddy college kids, storing away your gloves and mittens for good, picnicking at the lake, when it isn’t a miserable feeling anymore to roll your windows while driving, the fact that Spring is the gateway drug to my favorite season, SUMMER. (And summer means: sunshine till 9 pm, bare feet, shorts, flip flops…ahh…getting ahead of myself...)

…but most of all? I love that feeling when after a long winter, the sun finally shines through the clouds for the first time in months….(you all know that moment I’m talking about).. And all of a sudden you get this HUGE urge to rip your coat off even though it’s still 45 degrees. So you do…and you can actually FEEL the sun’s rays shining on your poor, pale, disgusting Bella-esque skin (Twilight reference? Sorry). And then all of a sudden you feel like you can take on THE WHOLEEEE WORLD!!!!

…And you realize the very next day, all these crazy kids on campus walking around you do the same. And pretty soon everyone is smiling, kids start wearing shorts and flip flops, hussies are clad in close to nothing (which is hilarious) even though technically it’s barely even March.
I’d like to call this…Utah Kid Pre-Spring Syndrome. UKPSS. And I think I’m having the beginning signs of it.

When this syndrome occurs, I believe that tanning outside in 50 degree weather is fine. I also believe it is appropriate to wear t-shirts and open toed shoes. Also fine to run to your local Walmart and stock up on otter pops for the months ahead. I also think it’s completely beneficial for the soul to listen to the Sound of Music soundtrack, pretend to be Froiline Maria and run down the sidewalk singing:


Vitamin D? Check. 

Rush of serotonin? Check. 

Dramatic Sound of Music moment? Check.

And here's Mindy. Nicole and I were neighbors last year and went to the same church. I can say we are neighbors when we lived a half-a-block away, right? I mean, I didn't say next-door neighbors. So all is good, right? She is a peach and soo adorable. She blogs at BloggieBloggieBlog. You should check it out. :)


cole linnae said...


B and J said...

50 degrees out side today means that my piggies are fancy and free for the first time in months!!!

Meg said...

It's funniest to me when there is still snow on the ground, yet everyone is walking around without coats because the sun is shining and it feels so warm!

katrina said...

Hey Mindy! Katie Hansen is my husband's sister. I'm lucky to be related to her, she's the best!

Shan said...

Loving this spring posts.

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