I have a problem ...

I am obsessed with stripes.

Six out of the last eight shirts I have purchased have been ... stripes.

I even wear stripes on stripes.

And I like it.

I kinda blame this on roommate Jillian-Jiggs. I told her not to let me purchase anymore stripes. And then she went out of town. So I purchased three striped shirts and a striped scarf. Naturally.

When she returned and called me out on it I exclaimed, "But you weren't here!"

Said Jilly, "You can't control yourself?"

"Seriously, is that even a question?!"

And there we have it, stripes on stripes.

And I like it.

The end.


Mellie said...

You are not alone! I have so so many striped shirts, I'm just always drawn to them!

Alison said...

Have you ever read the book a bad case of stripes? You should. You would enjoy it. I even own if if you would like.

Meg said...

As long as it's not plaid with stripes you're ok, right? :)

Shan said...

Are there pink stripes in that mix?

bonbon said...

Oh man, stripes are so big right now! I went to a little blogger meet up a few weeks ago and they were trying to divide the girls in half evenly and finally someone suggested "everyone with stripes stay in the picture"! And it was sersiously about dead even- half the girls were in stripes! Heyk, I figure as long as you can rock them you should!

Just foudn your blog and have loved looking around. You've got an adorable lay out!

new follower :)

Natalie said...

Don't fret my pet! I love stripes too!!!!

Newest follower by the way!!

Laura Rafferty said...

Oh my, I love this scarf!! :)

Autumn said...

The look cute! :)

Catherine said...

Stripes are pretty much amazing so I totally approve your outfit. Looks great!

You have such a cute blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)
FEST (food, style & travel)

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