I-15 ...

Does not get you to  Colorado City.

A winding, hilly road does.

Why is that important? Because that is how the Polygamists get to and from Utah when they want to go to Lowe's, Walmart or anywhere really. Because Colorado City is on the edge of Arizona and in the middle of bum-flippin-nowhere.

Since our plans for the day were obliterated with the loss the previous night, Brandon and I had to find new means to entertain ourselves. So, what better way than to sign up for a polygamist tour?!

Unfortunately, the official tour-guide was no longer giving tours into this strange and creepy world. So we had to do a self-guided tour.

And we did.

The word to best describe this experience is ... eerie. 

The entire thing was pretty creepy.

We entered the town and immediately a large truck was behind us. When I pulled to the side of the road to let them pass, they did. But not too much time passed before another one was behind me.


Which maybe is only being fair because they were being watched. 

There were many, many large and unfinished homes.

By not finishing their homes, they do not have to pay taxes on them. It's rare to see a completed home in Colorado City. Also notice how they do not finish their yards either. 

Everything has a very not cared-for feel to it.

Not only are the homes not completed/taken care, the streets aren't either. There are many roads not paved at all. 

We were lucky to get any pictures of any homes at all, as most are hidden behind fences, as are most things in the town.  

Massive fences.

While driving about, we came across the grocery store. Yes, thee grocery store {entailing there is only one}.

Brandon and I may or may not have gone in. And we may or may not have spoke in British accents so they would just think we were "passing" through, opposed to Utah Mormons stalking them, which is not to say that is what we were doing. ;)

We got many strange looks. I am not sure if it was because Brandon's legs don't work or if it is because mine do and I wear worldly PANTS, SHADES and FLOWER HEADBAND.

Inside the store we saw a section of zip-lock bags with paper plates and colored shapes made out of construction paper. One was a "Scarecrow Kit" and another was an "Alligator Kit". Uhm-okay. I would have taken photos of them and the inside of the store had there not been a sign that said, "NO CAMERAS INSIDE."


It was very small and very old. It was reminiscent of a grocery store from "Little House on the Prairie" the 80's. 

We thought it would be best if we purchased something in the store. And we did. Candy bars n' stuff.

And I felt like mine tasted ... old. Just sayin'.

After the grocery store we didn't stay much longer.

I couldn't have been happier to re-enter civilization!

After stalking the 'pligs we went to a very fancy dinner in San Jorge. My brother is a food snob, but that is okay. I still like him.

What made me almost not like him was I had to get back on stinkin' I-15 to get there!

And thus ends day three.

And day four I took no photos. I got onto I-15 at 8:58 AM and was on it until 2:14 PM {sans filling up with gasoline and eating at In-N-Out in Centerville}, at which point I watched all my episodes of Smallville that had been recording at my parents' house while Style washed my car.

I was home before the championship game was even played. It wasn't the vacay we had anticipated {as I only got to wear one of my three Aggies shirts}, but I think it turned out 'aight. :)  I just wish my back thought the same from so much driving.

And now, back to the old grind. 


But!! Only 22 days, 22 hours,  seven minutes and six seconds until Spring Break Numero Dos!

Not that I am counting or anything ...

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Shan said...

You should have bought one of those art kits.

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