A conflict of interest ...

occurs when two crucially important things try to co-exist.

This conflict of interest occurred yesterday when my Aggies had a home basketball game ... on the Sabbath.

As a devout Latter-day Saint, I observe the Sabbath by trying to separate from every other day of the week. The ways members of my faith do this vary and are personal. But for me, it entails worshiping at Church for three hours every Sunday, spending time with family and by not doing things I do every other day of the week {read as: no shopping, no exercising, no work, no homework/studying while I was in school and little to no recreational activities}.

So imagine the conflict that brewed when religion and USU basketball collided!

And for those of you who cannot imagine the conflict, maybe the following graph can assist you.

Truth be told, while this was the first time in my entire long-legged life that I wanted to not observe the Sabbath, there truly was no conflict.

While the graph isn't entirely accurate, the part that is is this: the Lord is above USU basketball {the Lord is above all things}.

So, tickets were not bought. And our seats in section _, row 10 remained empty yesterday afternoon.

But I still wanted to represent. A small part of me wanted to wear my Aggie shirt ... to Church. ;)

But since that wouldn't be appropriate, I had to settle with mixing prints.

I have always wanted to mix prints, but have been a little terrified to do so. Buuut, I figured if I could survive missing an Aggie game, I could survive mixing prints.

And so in my mixed prints, I attended Church and not the basketball game.

And while in my mixed prints my Aggies won their game 105-81. 

Look there! Others are blessed when I choose to observe the Sabbath! ;)

My Aggies now play in the championship game on Wednesday night ... the same night of a Church activity that I am in charge of!

Buuuut, you can only ask so much of me, right? I mean, I didn't go on Sunday. You cannot expect me to not go on Wednesday.

Soooo, the activity will go on with my extremely capable counselors at the helm. And I will be at the Aggie game. Hey, I may even mix prints while I am there. ;)

P.s. Again, this is the last game of the season. I then might be able to talk about other things than USU basketball. ;)


Shan said...

Way to go for sacrificing so they could win!

Jamie and Brad said...

I am proud of you for putting the Lord first. He is still #1, but I sinned and went to the game and it was fantastic... the game, not sinning.

Whitney said...

Bahaha! I loved the graph!

And you should get in the habit of mixing prints more often. It's glorious!

Meg said...

Way to be strong!

Sierra said...

The church is true!

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