Angers, France

is where I want to be this weekend!

While here in America we will be celebrating St. Patrick's day by sporting green, in Angers {pronounced on-jay} they will be celebrating the Pink Festival!!!

You can imagine what color they wear to celebrate.

But what you cannot imagine is what else they do ...

They flood the streets with PINK water and PINK petals!

I don't even care that they are dancing {something I normally loathe}! It is an entire, flippin' festival of everything PINK.

My heart aches to go there.

I don't know anything else about this event {because the only info. I have is in a book written in - you guessed it - French!}. 

But I do know this: 

1. I will celebrate it tomorrow by wearing pink!!! YOU.SHOULD.TOO.

2. I want to go there. For reals. Obviously, I won't make it this year. But, I really, really want to make it there next year. Seriously. I just need ... to find someone who speaks/reads French who can get me details of what on this green earth this is and when it will be again!

3. If I knew how to replicate the pink water and petals in the street - I WOULD.


I am going bonkers with happiness that this exists. 

Anyone up for a trip to Angers, France next spring???


Staci Meacham said...

I will be obsessed about the color pink today too. And this cause (because clearly there is one) is truly worth celebrating!! We Just need to find out what that cause us, exactly. Let me consult the French...

Meg said...

That sounds like your kind of festival. :)

the lovebirds said...

oh my gosh- this looks like so much fun!! Even though green is my favorite color... I would totally fly to france for this pink festival. xo

Shan said...

I think you should totally go to this.

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