4:00 AM : Friend or Foe?

Four o'clock in the morning seems to be the hour I struggle with most in life.

It is the hour that awakens me from my slumber with no intent of me returning to a restful state.

Don't get me wrong, many hours awaken me at night, but four in the morning comes with a vengeance!

When I lived in Provo {yup, I just said it}, like clock work, 4:12 AM I would awake, for no apparent reason.

Today it was 4:08. 


While I loathe every minute of four AM, today it wasn't so cruel.

When awoke I suddenly remembered I needed to schedule a room at work for a meeting.

I remembered I needed to schedule a room in the Church for the next five weeks.

I remembered that I had used my credit card while on vacay in Vegas and should pay it off before the end of the month {using a credit card is hard for me to do - I forget to put something - ANYTHING! - on it once a month [to get a credit history] and when I don't pay it off the same day I have a mild panic attack thinking I could possibly have the potential of forgetting to pay it on time all together!}.

I remembered I needed to send four important work emails today.

And I remembered I mustn't forget to first go to witch doctor this afternoon.

That was kind of 4:00 AM to remind me of all of that. 

I just wish 6:00 or 7:00 AM would get the job done so 4:00 AM didn't feel so obliged to disrupt my slumber. 

P.s. My home teachers {religious jargon for: two boys from Church who come visit me once a month to make sure I am doing well} stopped by last night and suggested I try reading my scriptures in the morning.  I told them, "No. If I am asleep in the morning, praise the Lord! We shall not interrupt that!" I continued to inform them, "In fact, if you EVER see me sleeping - do not wake me up! I don't care where I am or what I should be doing, if you find me laying in the middle of the street sleepinglet.me.be!"

I think I got the point across, no? 

Maybe I should give 4:00AM the same talkin' to and see if it comes around.

1 comment:

Shan said...

Shoot, I hate those kinds of mornings. Maybe it is the Lord trying to tell you something? I heard once that someone had a notebook by his bed and would write down all the things that woke him up and then he would be able to go back to sleep.

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