The four loathed B's ...

I despise bowling, beef jerky, BBQ sauce and the Beach Boys.

I also loathe deer.

But this is about the four loathed B's.

Actually, it is only about one of the four loathed B's.


I hate it. And generally avoid it. 

However, this weekend I tagged along while some others played.

While they played, I sat in a corner and ate my Chik-fil-a. 

And I was happy.

P.s. Did I mention it was cosmic bowling night with a black light?

Because it was. 

I think they have to make it cosmic night so people think bowling is cooler.

But it didn't make me think bowling was cooler. Because I hate bowling.

But I had a realization at the bowling alley last night.

Tennis has a good thing going {yup, we are now talking about tennis}. Tennis has the option for single matches and  doubles matches.

I thought bowling should be the same.

While I hate singles bowling, I am allllllll for doubles bowling. 

It revolutionized ... my life!

P.s. The bowling balls both ended up in the gutter without hitting a single pin.

I think we need to work on this doubles bowling. But just a bit.

I am sure we will be hitting strike after strike in no time.

So, anyone up for a doubles games?? Lemme know!


4:00 AM : Friend or Foe?

Four o'clock in the morning seems to be the hour I struggle with most in life.

It is the hour that awakens me from my slumber with no intent of me returning to a restful state.

Don't get me wrong, many hours awaken me at night, but four in the morning comes with a vengeance!

When I lived in Provo {yup, I just said it}, like clock work, 4:12 AM I would awake, for no apparent reason.

Today it was 4:08. 


While I loathe every minute of four AM, today it wasn't so cruel.

When awoke I suddenly remembered I needed to schedule a room at work for a meeting.

I remembered I needed to schedule a room in the Church for the next five weeks.

I remembered that I had used my credit card while on vacay in Vegas and should pay it off before the end of the month {using a credit card is hard for me to do - I forget to put something - ANYTHING! - on it once a month [to get a credit history] and when I don't pay it off the same day I have a mild panic attack thinking I could possibly have the potential of forgetting to pay it on time all together!}.

I remembered I needed to send four important work emails today.

And I remembered I mustn't forget to first go to witch doctor this afternoon.

That was kind of 4:00 AM to remind me of all of that. 

I just wish 6:00 or 7:00 AM would get the job done so 4:00 AM didn't feel so obliged to disrupt my slumber. 

P.s. My home teachers {religious jargon for: two boys from Church who come visit me once a month to make sure I am doing well} stopped by last night and suggested I try reading my scriptures in the morning.  I told them, "No. If I am asleep in the morning, praise the Lord! We shall not interrupt that!" I continued to inform them, "In fact, if you EVER see me sleeping - do not wake me up! I don't care where I am or what I should be doing, if you find me laying in the middle of the street sleepinglet.me.be!"

I think I got the point across, no? 

Maybe I should give 4:00AM the same talkin' to and see if it comes around.


There is a reason Nancy is fancy and Mindy is not ...

I was reading a friend's blog the other day. With only two weeks left on her maternity leave, she handed in her letter of resignation. She thought she would be going back, but couldn't stand the thought of leaving her gorgeous, little babe in the arms of strangers.

She said she knew she was making the right choice for her family, but was going to miss working up the corporate ladder, having conference calls with CEOs and traveling here and there for her fancy schmancy job.

In that moment I was enamored by her job! It sounded so fancy. I could even imagine how adorable she would look in a buisness suit with a pencil skirt {and I don't even know if that's what she wore to work!}.

I reflected on my job. This week marks my fourth year anniversary of working at this company.

Truth be told: it is a lot less glamorous {to say the least}.

I mean, sure, I travel. To Brigham City. Tremonton. And I even stay in a hotel in Salt Lake City for conference every now and again!

I have had conference calls, but not with CEOs. Sometimes parents of my clients and other times with employees of the state.

And while I am totally pleased with the attire I get to wear to work, I may walk in with it in the morning and walk out not with it in the afternoon {I will let your imagination run wild with that one for a minute}.

I love what I do. That has never been in question.

But it just isn't fancy.

But when was I ever striving for fancy?

I had a moment at work the other day that was profound, but not unusual.

One of my clients was walking across our production floor and from a distance, I saw how he walked with his little limp, with his head titled to the side, holding his hands, fingers intertwined behind his back. He was talking to his staff, about what I could not hear. However, I would imagine it was boxes or hangers.

And in that moment I was flooded with an unmeasurable amount of gratitude for the role he plays in my life - for the role all of my clients play in my life.

How did I ever get this lucky?

I am graced with the presence of Heaven every single day. Or at least from 7:00-3:00pm every weekday. ;)

My clients give me so much joy and fulfillment, in a way that I cannot adequately express with mere words.

 I've heard that mothers can recognize the cry of their baby. I say "heard" because I have no experience with such, not having any children. :)

I was thinking of this last week because while typing at my desk at work I heard a cry. I immediately knew who it was from.  I was surprised she'd be crying, as that is not something she does regularly.

I left my desk to go check on her. And as I walked towards her, I realized that I too recognize cries {and laughs, grunts, humming, singing, whines and screams} ... of over 50 people.

And that made me ... fulfilled in what I do for my job.

James E. Faust once said, "Those who are close to the [disabled] can frequently feel the nobility of the spirits who are confined in differently shaped bodies or who have crippled minds."

I feel that nobility every.single.day.

My job is not fancy.

And I couldn't be happier that it's not. :)

Happy Tuesday, people!


A conflict of interest ...

occurs when two crucially important things try to co-exist.

This conflict of interest occurred yesterday when my Aggies had a home basketball game ... on the Sabbath.

As a devout Latter-day Saint, I observe the Sabbath by trying to separate from every other day of the week. The ways members of my faith do this vary and are personal. But for me, it entails worshiping at Church for three hours every Sunday, spending time with family and by not doing things I do every other day of the week {read as: no shopping, no exercising, no work, no homework/studying while I was in school and little to no recreational activities}.

So imagine the conflict that brewed when religion and USU basketball collided!

And for those of you who cannot imagine the conflict, maybe the following graph can assist you.

Truth be told, while this was the first time in my entire long-legged life that I wanted to not observe the Sabbath, there truly was no conflict.

While the graph isn't entirely accurate, the part that is is this: the Lord is above USU basketball {the Lord is above all things}.

So, tickets were not bought. And our seats in section _, row 10 remained empty yesterday afternoon.

But I still wanted to represent. A small part of me wanted to wear my Aggie shirt ... to Church. ;)

But since that wouldn't be appropriate, I had to settle with mixing prints.

I have always wanted to mix prints, but have been a little terrified to do so. Buuut, I figured if I could survive missing an Aggie game, I could survive mixing prints.

And so in my mixed prints, I attended Church and not the basketball game.

And while in my mixed prints my Aggies won their game 105-81. 

Look there! Others are blessed when I choose to observe the Sabbath! ;)

My Aggies now play in the championship game on Wednesday night ... the same night of a Church activity that I am in charge of!

Buuuut, you can only ask so much of me, right? I mean, I didn't go on Sunday. You cannot expect me to not go on Wednesday.

Soooo, the activity will go on with my extremely capable counselors at the helm. And I will be at the Aggie game. Hey, I may even mix prints while I am there. ;)

P.s. Again, this is the last game of the season. I then might be able to talk about other things than USU basketball. ;)


This post is NOT going to be about Hunger Games

It is no secret that I loooooo-ooooove my Alma Mater.

Anything that has "Utah State", "USU", or the "A" on it, I automatically think is super cute and want to own it. {Is that normal?}

I also loooooo-oooove our mascot. I just think he is good lookin'. 

Photo Credit
 His name is Big Blue.

Photo Credit? Your guess is as good as mine!

But not Big Blue.

Photo Credit
He is mascot perfection {and you didn't even know such a thing existed, right?}.

Just when I thought things in Aggie-mascot world could not get better ...

They did.

Meet Little Blue.

Cache Valley Daily/Craig Peterson 
Oh, my gawsh! Could anything be more adorable than a lil', baby mascot??

Look how little he is!!!!!


This may have been the second best part of the entire game {sans the actual win, naturally}.

And, no ... there is no other point to this post than to tell you how adorable I found Little Blue.

1. Please tell me that YOU think he is adorable too! Annnnd ...

2. Tell me it is normal to be this pleased with your Alma Mater.




Speaking of go ...

Go Aggies! They play this afternoon at 4:00pm. I won't be there. Tear. :(

P.s. Off topic. The Firm is an amazingly fantastic TV show. You should start watching it if you haven't. You can catch all the episodes here. So, soo good! Plus, Josh Lucas is attractive. You simply cannot go wrong!


We're obsessed.

 "Draw Something".

Need I say more?

No, no I really don't need to, but notice how that isn't going to stop me.

I am going to talk some Mormon lingo right now. I hate it when people speak lingo I don't understand.

But notice how that isn't going to stop me.

Sooo, I hear there is going to be a FANTASTIC fireside Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at the Spectrum. Brother Morrill is apparently going to be providing lessons on team work, tenacity and perseverance. Seems like it will be very spiritual. ;)

That's all.


The dentist ...

My bi-annual trips to the dentist are without a doubt, the two worst days of my life annually.

I am not sure what it is ... Oh, wait.

I do.

Invasive, much?

I have a large personal space bubble. Someone having their hands in my mouth is definitely, forsurely 110%ly bursting my personal space bubble by about three feet!

And I have a problem with little instruments in my mouth. Not only way it feels, but the way it looks with them sticking out of my mouth.

I have a problem with the way it feels and the way it sounds when they clean my teeth. It's like nails on a chalkboard - in my mouth.

I do not like nails on a chalk board in my mouth, Sam I am.

Also, I have a problem with teeth in general. Really, let's think about this for a second. If you don't keep your teeth clean enough, they fall out, people!

That's like saying if we don't wash our hands good enough, they will fall off.

But then it gets tricky, because if you brush them too much - they also fall out!

All I get from this is: our teeth long and live to FALL OUT.

Stressed, much? YES! I am.


Plus, going to the dentist makes me feel like a failure. No matter how well and often I brush/floss, they still have to use the cleaning/scraping thing. I am an adult! Why do I need someone else to clean myself for me?

I seem to do just fine with my hair, my hands, my feet and the rest of my body! Why can't I do it with my teeth?

AND, I gag when they take x-rays. It ain't pretty, people.

Nothing good comes from the dentist!!!!

Well, strike that. The free toothbrush they gave me this time around was ... PINK.

BUT, STILL. I would prefer to spend $3.49 and purchase my own toothbrush than get a "free" one by surviving their torture.

But the fact is this: I did survive their torture.

And when all is said and done, on the bright side, I don't have to return to said torture for 187 days! Buuuuut, on the downside, I have to return to the said torture in 187 days!

P.s. The chocolate chip cookie/Oreo cookie brownie I as soon as I returned home for the dentist made things a little bit better. That's all.


I have a problem ...

I am obsessed with stripes.

Six out of the last eight shirts I have purchased have been ... stripes.

I even wear stripes on stripes.

And I like it.

I kinda blame this on roommate Jillian-Jiggs. I told her not to let me purchase anymore stripes. And then she went out of town. So I purchased three striped shirts and a striped scarf. Naturally.

When she returned and called me out on it I exclaimed, "But you weren't here!"

Said Jilly, "You can't control yourself?"

"Seriously, is that even a question?!"

And there we have it, stripes on stripes.

And I like it.

The end.


St. Patrick's Day!

The year of celebrating continues!

I celebrated the holiday by drinking a keg of beer wearing a green scarf in my hair.

Festive, no?

And by eating a green salad at Cafe Rio.

I also wore an Aggie shirt. Not for St. Patrick's Day, but for the game. 

P.s. I also went to a USU basketball game. Again, not to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, just because I am obsessed with Aggie basketball.

I also took photos of the Stabster. Because to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, she sang the National Anthem ...

in GREEN skinnies!

After our fantastic win {my Aggies are now in the quarter-finals of the CIT}, we decided we need to prance {or whatever it is that leprechauns do} to Chik-fil-a for a green shake!

However, when we arrived we were informed that they were not celebrating St. Patty's Day. So, we did the only thing we could do, order a kids meal and share it between all three of us.

Chicken nuggets for Mindy. Fries for Stabi. And ice cream for Claire.

At least she put green sprinkles on her cone.

Not completely satisfied due to the lack of St. Patrickness, we headed to McDonald's {yes, I just said it} for their Shamrock Shuffle milkshake - rumored to be green!

Unfortunately, we were informed they were "out".

Naturally, we headed to the next closest McDonald's. They also were, "out."

Stabs then suggested we go to Artic Circle. On their menu she found a "Mint Oreo Shake".

I said, "Ew. I hate mint."

In my mind, mint flavor is acceptable in: toothpaste, dental floss, gum and actual mints. No more. No less.

Stabs then says, "And what flavor did you think the Shamrock Shuffles were?"

Oh. I hadn't thought of that.

I bite the bullet and order a mint Oreo shake. When the lady at the drive-through window hands it to me I remind her we asked for mint, as they were not green at all.

"Oh, they are. They just aren't green," she assured.


If I am just going to have to add green food dye to it anyway, why on this GREEN earth did I order MINT?


And yes, I went and purchased green food dye. 

And mixed it into the MINT shake. To make the MINT shake GREEN.

It turned out 'aight, I spose.

Minus the fact that it was flippin' MINT!

And then if that wasn't bad enough.

We stopped by Burger King {no, you did not misread that} to pick up some free fries.

With green ketchup.

Ohhhhh. Sigh. Not my brightest day.

I ate it. Then gagged. 

And then went to bed.

Here's to a better Easter, which shouldn't be too hard to top the blunders of this day.

Maybe drinking that keg o' beer wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all .... :)


Angers, France

is where I want to be this weekend!

While here in America we will be celebrating St. Patrick's day by sporting green, in Angers {pronounced on-jay} they will be celebrating the Pink Festival!!!

You can imagine what color they wear to celebrate.

But what you cannot imagine is what else they do ...

They flood the streets with PINK water and PINK petals!

I don't even care that they are dancing {something I normally loathe}! It is an entire, flippin' festival of everything PINK.

My heart aches to go there.

I don't know anything else about this event {because the only info. I have is in a book written in - you guessed it - French!}. 

But I do know this: 

1. I will celebrate it tomorrow by wearing pink!!! YOU.SHOULD.TOO.

2. I want to go there. For reals. Obviously, I won't make it this year. But, I really, really want to make it there next year. Seriously. I just need ... to find someone who speaks/reads French who can get me details of what on this green earth this is and when it will be again!

3. If I knew how to replicate the pink water and petals in the street - I WOULD.


I am going bonkers with happiness that this exists. 

Anyone up for a trip to Angers, France next spring???



On March 6, 2012, the Oreo cookie celebrated it's 100th birthday.

Naturally, I had to celebrate the occasion.

By inviting my 200 most dear and closest friends to a birthday party.

We had balloons.

And Clairence made a cake.

And lots and lots and lots and lots of Oreos.

We had regular Oreos, Double Stuffed Oreos, Birthday Cake Oreos ...

We had Mint Oreos, we had Peanut Butter Fudge Oreos, Mint Fudge Oreos, Vanilla Oreos and Vanilla and Chocolate Oreos.

We even had homemade Oreos, courtesy of Kanneisha.

We had a wonderful turnout of peeps.

Sara not only came, but we matched. 

Alesha and I did not match. And she brought kiwi to eat. 

I don't even think it was the kiwi's birthday.

Did she not know it was a party to stuff our faces with ...


These boys knew what kind of a party it was. They were our heavy-hitters.

Ty {left} and McKay {right} had about 30 Oreos each.

McKay got down to business and even had to take off his coat.

And metabolize the cookies ... by the bathroom. Just in case. He was our top consumer. And he earned gold stars for it.

I didn't eat quite as many. I think I had 15? 

I was too busy demanding that others eat MORE COOKIES to eat more on my own. It was a rough job, but someone had to do it!

Oh, and I also had to light the candle on the Oreo cake.

I even had to help blow out the candles.

P.s. The Oreo cookies cake may or may not have started on fire.

But, I digress.

When all was said and done ...

We all had consumed over 310 Oreo cookies in less than two hours. Oh, and one kiwi.

With lots and lots of left overs.

At this rate, we ...

 Will be eating Oreos until my 100th birthday. ;)

T'was a wonderful night.

Thanks to all who came! :)



March Madness!

Madness is the amount of time I spent on I-15 on my latest vacay.

I am soooo over I-15.

Here is day one of I-15 my vacay.

Depart Logan, Utah at 9:32 AM.

a. Light at Brigham City. I text old work-BFF, "Hi, Ogden!" He responds, "I thought you weren't supposed to ever go to Ogden." What can I say? Simba didn't listen, and I didn't either.

b. Realization: totally and utterly bored by driving by myself.

c.  Realization: not only am I bored. I am tired.

d. Realization: Bored. Tired. Back is angry!

e.  Loving my Colors music. Every Colors CD ever made is in my CD deck and I am thriiilled.

f. Realization: Not every Colors CD is in! Where is "Outside the Lines"?! I love "Outside the Lines"!

g. In-N-Out. Yum!

h. Phone call from Brandon. He informs me someone has taken over my blog. When I inform him that they haven't he says, "Oh, you are just lazy!"

i. The beginning of nothingness. I hit Filmore and remember that I was once told this was the middle point between Logan and St. George. I.want.to.die. {P.s. When I arrived in San Jorge, I did some research and 10 miles north of Scipio is the middle point between Logan and St. George, FYI}.

j. Meadow, Utah. Obtain gasoline for Wilson.

k. I made friends with a Chevy truck. Meaning, he was breaking the speed limit by a generous amount, so I follow. We were friends for probably two hours. 

l. Brain and bum rot ensue. And ensue. And ensue. When I said nothingness, I meant it. My only positive thought was, "At least I am not driving to Reno!" 

m. I find the Glenn Beck station. So.happy.

Arrive in St. George, Utah at 2:58 PM.

While this brought an end to the madness with I-15 that day, it would ensue the following day ...


Day two, Brandon and I hopped right back on that freeway known as I-15 and headed to Vegas.

THIS was the reason for the vacay. We were on our way to watch our Aggies win the conference tournament! 

We have done this every year for as long as I can remember {sans the two years the tournament was in Las Cruces, New Mexico}. However, this year was a little different. We were entering the tournament as a four seed and with the most losses we have seen since the 90's. 


But!!! We were still confident in our Aggies. They had gone on a winning streak the past two weeks and were winning the close games, winning the games where they came from behind, winning road games and winning by sizable margins! 

When we first arrived in Vegas, we headed to H&M. Naturally.

I set a budget for myself {first time I have ever done that at H&M} and stuck to it! Take or minus 18 dollah. ;)

We then headed to The Paris for dinner ... where we ate Italian for the second straight night in a row. :)

It was then time for the game.

We took a photo.

It would be the only photo at the game. And in Vegas.

Instead of returning to Vegas for days three and four, we did not.

Because our Aggies did something they have not done since 1999. They lost in the first round. And by a mere two points.

Besides the loss, we had 12 students in the student section, when normally we have close to 4,000.


And after such a heartbreaking loss/season ... I had to get back onto that flippin' I-15 for a two-hour ride home in BIG van with gusting winds.

Please ask me how much fun that was. But don't. Mm-k?

We arrived back after 2:00am.  As I walked into the casita I thought, "We were gone for 12 hours. 12 hours! And all I have to show for it is this bag of clothes from H&M."

But at least I had H&M, no?

And then I went to bed. 

Just so I could awake and get back on that blasted freeway the following day.

I-15 ...

Does not get you to  Colorado City.

A winding, hilly road does.

Why is that important? Because that is how the Polygamists get to and from Utah when they want to go to Lowe's, Walmart or anywhere really. Because Colorado City is on the edge of Arizona and in the middle of bum-flippin-nowhere.

Since our plans for the day were obliterated with the loss the previous night, Brandon and I had to find new means to entertain ourselves. So, what better way than to sign up for a polygamist tour?!

Unfortunately, the official tour-guide was no longer giving tours into this strange and creepy world. So we had to do a self-guided tour.

And we did.

The word to best describe this experience is ... eerie. 

The entire thing was pretty creepy.

We entered the town and immediately a large truck was behind us. When I pulled to the side of the road to let them pass, they did. But not too much time passed before another one was behind me.


Which maybe is only being fair because they were being watched. 

There were many, many large and unfinished homes.

By not finishing their homes, they do not have to pay taxes on them. It's rare to see a completed home in Colorado City. Also notice how they do not finish their yards either. 

Everything has a very not cared-for feel to it.

Not only are the homes not completed/taken care, the streets aren't either. There are many roads not paved at all. 

We were lucky to get any pictures of any homes at all, as most are hidden behind fences, as are most things in the town.  

Massive fences.

While driving about, we came across the grocery store. Yes, thee grocery store {entailing there is only one}.

Brandon and I may or may not have gone in. And we may or may not have spoke in British accents so they would just think we were "passing" through, opposed to Utah Mormons stalking them, which is not to say that is what we were doing. ;)

We got many strange looks. I am not sure if it was because Brandon's legs don't work or if it is because mine do and I wear worldly PANTS, SHADES and FLOWER HEADBAND.

Inside the store we saw a section of zip-lock bags with paper plates and colored shapes made out of construction paper. One was a "Scarecrow Kit" and another was an "Alligator Kit". Uhm-okay. I would have taken photos of them and the inside of the store had there not been a sign that said, "NO CAMERAS INSIDE."


It was very small and very old. It was reminiscent of a grocery store from "Little House on the Prairie" the 80's. 

We thought it would be best if we purchased something in the store. And we did. Candy bars n' stuff.

And I felt like mine tasted ... old. Just sayin'.

After the grocery store we didn't stay much longer.

I couldn't have been happier to re-enter civilization!

After stalking the 'pligs we went to a very fancy dinner in San Jorge. My brother is a food snob, but that is okay. I still like him.

What made me almost not like him was I had to get back on stinkin' I-15 to get there!

And thus ends day three.

And day four I took no photos. I got onto I-15 at 8:58 AM and was on it until 2:14 PM {sans filling up with gasoline and eating at In-N-Out in Centerville}, at which point I watched all my episodes of Smallville that had been recording at my parents' house while Style washed my car.

I was home before the championship game was even played. It wasn't the vacay we had anticipated {as I only got to wear one of my three Aggies shirts}, but I think it turned out 'aight. :)  I just wish my back thought the same from so much driving.

And now, back to the old grind. 


But!! Only 22 days, 22 hours,  seven minutes and six seconds until Spring Break Numero Dos!

Not that I am counting or anything ...
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