Valentine's Day was sooo last week ...

But I had a friend recently post about November this week. November, I say!

Sooo, I figure I can still talk about Valentine's if I want.

And I want.

Remember how I brainwashed my co-workers into wearing pink?

Success, much?

I did feed them tiny edibles for complying to my demands.

Such a small price to pay for so much joy on my part, no?

P.s. In my high school psychology class I learned how to brainwash people. No lie. 

And if you are lucky, I might teach you how to do it one day.


But I cannot discuss this anymore. Because I am going to brainwash my roommate into going to buy ankle boots with me. Yes! Ankle boots! Never thunk I'd see the day, but I am excited. They are cute. And cute things make me happy! 

What makes you happy? And none of this family/friends/husbands/children talk. Pff. As if I can be bothered with warm-fuzzy things, yo.


Jan Fisher Clark said...

Who would ever post about November in February!? what a weirdy. Love reading your blog. Maybe I will be so inspired that I will blog freqeuntly like you- your life is just so much more entertaining than mine!

Katie Jane said...

I can't wait to see your new ankle boots!

Meg said...

This is why I don't tell when I am posting about. It is only obvious when I am slow with holidays. :) Generally, I am slow with almost everything.

Shan said...

I've been seriously debating your what makes me happy question and my answer can only be Cadbury Mini Eggs. When I see those in the stores I become deliriously happy.

Jamie said...

Sparkles, anything that sparkles!

Lil said...

Wood makes me happy, yes, wood! I don't know why but I love it and making things out of it. I once told a boy (one that I had only known a short while, one that was just a friend - we had that talk) through text that I love wood...well I meant to say wood, but as it turns out I said "you" instead. When I finally figured it out it was an awkward and yet hilarious moment. We don't really talk anymore. Oops! :)

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