There is always a first time for everything ...

And this was my first time to the laundromat. 

I mean ... I washed some clothes at Deseret Towers once when I was an EFY counselor. {I foolishly thought I would stay in Provo all weekend, but after I washed my clothes and it was only 2:00pm I drove to Logan only to return back to Provo by 6:00pm. Every other back-to-back weekends I promptly left Saturday after the kiddos left just to return less than 48 hours later.}

But I digress. 

Another time, thanks to EFY, I washed my laundry at my apartment complex's washers and dryers. Which clearly is not a real laundromat, if one at all.

So this was my first, legit laundromat experience.

And I wasn't even washing my clothes.

She was.

Our little washer at our home gave up the ghost.

It's no skin off my nose as I wash my clothes at my parents' anyway. 

And for good reason.

This kind of stuff scares me and I think I always have feared things like this occur at the laundromat. And this is why this was my first laundromat experience. Because, honey, if I had a retainer and left it at the local laundromat - I would not be comin' back for it!

And I feel like no one should.

But then I was introduced to the wheely-cart thingy.

And then suddenly the laundromat wasn't so bad after all.

And I just might come back had I left my retainer. Or even if I hadn't.

So I could play a little more.

P.s. Don't worry. The warning only said that children weren't allowed.

So it is a good thing I am an adult, no?

It is also uber-good that I met the 50lbs requirement.

So, while I kinda feared this location, it was clearly all for naught. It's a great location and I actually encourage you to go. Just leave the kids behind, as they will be heartbroken as you ride in the laundry basket on wheels and they are prohibited to such.

Oh, and remember to keep your mouth piece in place.

50 gold stars to everyone who read this post! Did you think I forgot about gold stars? Because I didn't. P.s. I will update them by the end of this week!


Claire said...

I read it I read it! I want to ride in the wheel-y cart thing next time

Missy W. said...

I lived across the street from a really trashy laundromat, and the clientele at that place were living lives of quiet desperation. Kind of a sad place. One night I saw on the wall a For Sale flier (the kind with phone numbers you can rip off) for a ladies gold wedding ring (that was photographed on the owner's hand). sad.

Krystal said...

I totally read it! I need to go to the laundromat and am kinda scared!! I have a FAB washer/dryer at my house, but I just got a down comforter from my parents, and it really needs to be washed... and won't fit in my washer. Maybe you want to come on a field trip and check out a laundromat in Salt Lake??

Snake said...

I want my stars.

Jamie and Brad said...

Stars please.

cami said...

i did my laundry in that exact location for the first year of our marriage before we got our own washer/dryer. Good times were spent there. Now give me my stars!

Shan said...

oooh! I read it! I've been waiting to hear where the gold star line up is.

Meg said...

I read it, too, of course.

I've never used a laundromat. I've considered it a few times for big things like queen-size quilts. But then I just stuff them in my washer and hope they get clean. :)

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