Super Bowl Sunday

was indeed super.

Not because I was really into the game.

Let's not kid ourselves, the NFL is no NCAA football and NCAA football is no NCAA basketball {at least not in my little world and this blog is about my world}, so forgive me if my attention waivered throughout the entire four hours.

My attention waivered to wonderful edibles like sub sandwhiches, chips, chips and dip, cheesy potatoes, Deviled eggs, olives, pickles, fun-sized candy bars, suckers and chocolate cupcakes {chocolate cupcakes I say!}. Just to name a few!

My attention also waived to sitting on not-so-small children like this one.

And a little wrassling {read as wrestling, just pronounced more fun!} with the younger nephew.

As well as while playing some Words with Friends ... with some friends. {I just started playing and I am horrrrrible.}

One thing that truly did make Super Bowl Sunday super was the beautiful BEDAZZLED robes that Cee Lo and Madonna wore during the halftime show {which I saw about 47 seconds of}. Do I care for either of them? Nope. BUT, can you imagine a world where the MoTab wore sparkly robes?? I have a handful of friends that sing in the choir, maybe they can pass it along to Mac! Just sayin'.

Also super: the last play of the game! Holy moly, or should I say, "Hail Mary!" While I wanted the Giants to win, simply because they weren't the Patriots, there was a little part of me that wanted that pass to be caught to score the winning touchdown. But then again, we must remember while I rarely get nostaligic and warm-fuzzied about many things, I somehow always do for athletic events {even fake athletic events like a Low's Hardware commericial about a father and his son putting up a basketball hoop in their driveway}.

Good time had by all, especially by my belly.

P.s. I didn't sit on him the entire time.

That's all.


Missy W. said...

I didn't watch any of the game, but I did make and eat a scrumptious 7 layer bean dip. So not a bad day.

Shan said...

I watched some of the commercials :)

Meg said...

Our friends DVRed the game so we could fast forward through the game and just watch the commercials. The commercials weren't even that great. I'm sure glad I didn't have to sit through the whole game to watch them. :)

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