One day ...

I will stop taking photos of my feet.

Today is clearly not that day.

I think this photo gives you an idea of how my three-day weekend has gone.

Snowy? Yes.

But that is beside the point

I am an adult and that doesn't stop me from putting my boots on the wrong feet. And I didn't even notice until after I had arrived home.

I am blaming it on this hideous illness I have. I have practically coughed up all my internal organs, so the least of my concerns is if I put my shoes on the right feet.

What a great holiday weekend?

Here's hoping yours was much more pleasant than mine!


Mellie said...

Don't worry, I put my sons shoes on the wrong feet all the time, in fact I just got back from the store where I realized I had done it again. Poor child!

Shan said...

Haha, I looked at that picture and wondered if they were on the wrong feet before I read the rest. However, they are very cute boots. Hope you feel better soon.

Meg said...

I agree with Shan, the boots are very cute. I'm sure that makes up for wearing them on the wrong feet. :)

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