Neighborly Non-Neighbors

I live in Logan, Utah.

Now, I realize that might not scream anything to you, but just so you know, it is kinda a big deal.

It is a big deal because it is the home of two epic rescues that have made national headlines in the past few months {burning car rescue!; car in a river rescue!}. I tell you this because 1. I now feel obligated as a Logan native to rescue people! And two, we just have some good-hearted people here.

These good hearts come in handy when you are at a co-workers's apartment and you are about to watch the riveting Mighty Ducks sequel, D2, and you realize that said co-worker does not have a VHS player.

I mean, if people here are willing to risk their lives by jumping into fires and frigid, icy waters, they forsurely will let me {someone who is not their neighbor, someone they do not know} borrow a VHS player, right?

And they did.

A TV/VHS player in one.

Sure, it isn't a life-saving act, but it allowed me to see the Flying V, so it is pretty much comparable.

Right before we decided to start the movie, we realized we wanted to make orange juliuses.

The only problem, co-worker didn't have any ice in his freezer.

We figured if we lived in a town where people risked their lives to save lives and let complete strangers borrow a TV/VHS player, they would forsurely let us borrow their ice cube treys and accompanying ice cubes.

And they did.

Two apartments in fact! As the first place only had one trey.

When Alissa {friend who was collecting all the items with me} and I returned to said co-workers apartment, he realized that while he now had the orange juice concentrate and the ice cubes to make the orange juliuses, he didn't have a blender to mix them!

We figured if we lived in a town where people risked their lives to save lives and let complete strangers borrow a TV/VHS player and ice cube treys with the accompanying ice cubes, they would forsurely  let us borrow their blender.

And they did.
All in all we borrowed five different items from four different apartments.

The smaller TV/VHS player, the blender and three ice cube treys with accompanying ice cubes.

All so we could watch the Flying V in D2 while drinking orange juliuses.

Here's to hoping your non-neighbors are as neighborly as mine!

Happy Thursday, people!


Shan said...

Those are some great neighbors!

Niki said...

A couple things... 1- I love that you are wearing flip-flops! 2- yay for Logan, ut! And 3- in response to your comment about my announced non-pregnancy... I am still not over it either! That little turd. Sorry to have upset you.

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