On Sunday, February 5, 2012 in a small town in the state of Washington, evil temporarily prevailed as two young boys lost their lives at the hand of their father.

It was the end of a horrific story, but the continuation of mourning for those who were already grieving the loss of their mother.

Like many of you, my heart ached for their insurmountably loss.

In small-town, Utah strangers gathered to remember and memorialize the lives of those precious lives. 

Signing cards for the families of the victims.

With balloons in hand.

I chose shades of blue to honor the boys.

Their great-great grandmother was in attendance.

The Herald Journal/Eli Lucero

The balloons were released upward, with messages and heartfelt prayers tied to the strings.

The Herald Journal/Eli Lucero
We watched as they floated into the distance.

And eventually out of our view.

Yes, evil temporarily prevailed. But those precious lives will not be forgotten, neither will their loved ones who are still here.

It was a somber occasion. Yet beautiful, as the balloons flew heavenward, to the boys and their mother. A perfect reminder to where we should look when sorrow and unspeakable pain are inflicted, and even when they are not.

My heartfelt prayers and love go to the Cox and Powell families at this time. And may they find peace as they look heavenward also.


Whitney B. said...

What a wonderful tribute. The story is beyond heartbreaking.

Shan said...

Such a sad situation but what a blessing to be able to participate in that event.

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