1. to defraud or rob by some sharp practice; swindle; cheat.
2. a swindle or fraud.

I was robbed! 

I was robbed from my three-day weekend by a horrific, beastly cold/flu.

And I am ticked off!

I considered writing other things today, but I felt compelled to let the universe know of my grumblings of this profound injustice!

A weekend spent home, feeling nast, coughing up internal organs, aching, nauseous, dizzy, crying, not even being able to put my own shoes on the correct feet and wanting to die! All when I should have been savoring 72 hours straight of no.work. and thanking some presidents for the grand gesture! 

While crying my little sister said, "Are you crying?? I have never seen you cry! What do I do?"

That is how uglay it got, peeps.

And now, now I am waiting for my medication to kick in to relieve the fever so I can ... return to work. 


P.s. I think I will make up for the lack of a three-day weekend by having a five-day weekend in two weeks. Only fair, right? I shall consider it Spring Break Numero Uno! Which should entail I have every intention of having Spring Break Numero Dos.

None of which shall take place in Mexico or any other Spanish-speaking country, but it sounded more fun in Spanish.

Until then. Work on good people. Work on.


Kat said...

Gah!! I was sick, too! Pretty much the same symptoms. I was glad I got sick when I wasn't working though. As much as I wanted to play, I was glad I had the time to rest. Good timing, I suppose!

Meg said...

It must have been a bad weekend, I was sick, too. :( Is there some kind of president's day curse?

sheargenius5 said...
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sheargenius5 said...

Okay, I tried to post this once and auto correct can be a very bad thing. Im going to try one more time. You are friends with one of my friends. She made a reference to one of your posts and I have been following you ever since. You're one of the funniest people I have never met! Thank you for the laughs!

Shan said...

Not fun to be sick at all. I hope you feel better really soon.

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