Groundhog's Day

The actual day.

And the movie.

My Groundhog's Day actually started out like the movie. As in, my Thursday was eerily similar to my Wednesday {primarily based on the my clients having the exact same behavioral episodes as they did the day before - at the same time as the day before - thus, resulting in me implementing the same interventions as the day before}.

Besides repeating almost my entire workday, I wanted to do something to celebrate Groundhog's Day {I am kinda in this kick of celebrating holidays this year}. I actually soilcited advice from hoards of people on how to do this. And the most common answers? 1. Watch Groundhog's Day and 2. Print off a coloring page of a groundhog and - get this! - color it.

Snooze fest, folks.

I mean, I am totally down for watching movies occasionally and coloring like I was a wee-lass again, but that does not sound like an epic celebration.

Am I right or am I right?

So what did I do instead?

I had dinner with this gal.

Mindy & Courtney
And we chattered about our lives, past experiences, present experiences. The good, the bad and the "hideous".

What did it have to do with Groundhog's Day?

Absolutely nothing.

But then again, I doubt brunch, shopping, a Boy Meets World marathon and hot tubbin' at Crystal Hot Springs screams out, "Happy Civil Rights Day!"

But don't worry, for our next holiday I am getting more on board of celebrating in a fashion that actually is representitive of the day. Yup, that's right! I am talking about Valentine's Day!

I am pretty excited about it, even though I don't have a plus one {and truth be told, never have had a plus one on Valentines Day, but that is another story for another day ... read as: most likely a story for no day}.

P.s. Phil saw his shadow, which gave him a fright so he ran back into his hole and with that - six more weeks of winter. Ahem. 1. Why are we relying on a rodent to forecast the weather? And two, when on this green earth has winter ever ended in February in Utah anyway??

Lastly, my friend Andrea is having a blog auction for the the National Marfan Foundation. This is a cause that is very dear to her heart {pun not intended!} and she is dear to mine, so please check it out. See if there is something on there you are interested in bidding on!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Andrea said...

"1. Why are we relying on a rodent to forecast the weather? And two, when on this green earth has winter ever ended in February in Utah anyway??"

made me laugh!

Meg said...

I never did understand when winter was supposed to be ending if the groundhog didn't see his shadow. I've yet to live anywhere that winter ends by February or March. :)

Krystal said...

this year the 100th day of school was on Groundhog's day (100 is kind of a BIG deal to 7 year olds for some reason)... so we learned about groundhog's day on the 1st, then celebrated the 100th day on the 2nd... As for valentine's day, I am going to a concert... it's sure to be the best V-day ever, complete with 2 super cute dates! (aka: cousin, and friend... both whom are married and ditching their plus 1 to hang with me :)

Shan said...

With the winter we've had, what's a few more weeks anyway?

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