And in my dreams ...

I once had a dream about buying a college graduation gift for a friend.

In the dream I bought my friend pencils.

Yes, pencils for gradauting college.

Worst.gift.ever. No?

Dream-Mindy was puzzled why she was buying this as a gift, yet she knew it was what she should do - even though she didn't know why.

Somewhat A lot-bit embarrassed, dream-Mindy handed the gift to her friend, her best friend.

Yet, best friend wasn't confused. Even though dream-Mindy didn't know why she was giving such a lame gift, best friend did.

"Mindy, don't you see it? Don't you know why this is the perfect gift? The erasers allow us to erase the mistakes that we have made and the lead will allow us to write the future."

Uhm, no photo credit. I closed the page where I got it from.
And thus we see that I either have really morbid dreams {the ones about being shot-down, stabbed, etc.} orrrr really cheesy dreams.

But I digress.

I don't remember anything else from that dream. And I definitely didn't buy him pencils as a graduation gift in real-life. In fact, I didn't buy one at all ... because of those said mistakes. And because those said "erasers" had not been used in real-life either.

The dream and the actual real-life graduation were over a year ago.

Yet, here I am today, still thinking of that dream - particularly the eraser part. And how because of choices that have been made, I am not sure they ever will be used.

And that is more than just a little bit sad.

But sad has never been my forte.

So, we musn't part today in sadness.

So, instead! Today, I implore you to use the erasers in your life, whatever that means to you. Apologize to someone you have hurt. Give forgiveness to someone who deserves it, and perhaps maybe more importantly, to someone who doesn't.

The erasers of life can be some of the most beautiful and remarkable blessings in our lives, if we but use them. So, please, use them today for those of us who cannot.

And by doing so, have a beautiful and remarkable day!

{See, I told you sad wasn't my forte!}


Allred Mom said...

Great and insightful post, Mindy! Sometimes dreams are where we get answers to life experiences.

Chelsea said...

You are such a positive person! I love it. And girl. Your new layout is darling. Did you make it? I wish I knew how to do these things!

Shan said...

I like that dream of yours. What a good reminder!

Kat said...

I love this. What a cool dream! I will take your advice and apply it immediately. :)

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