Tax Returns!

That's right!

I actually got a tax return this year from the great state of Utah!

I hear of so many fun things that people do with their tax returns!

Going on shopping sprees! Going on vacations!  A day at the spa!

I have no clue what I will spend mine on.

I just know I don't want to spend it all in one place.

To maintain this goal, clearly all dollar stores and even the DI are out.

Such a conundrum!

Where do YOU think I should spend my tax return???


For realz ...

I recently received an email from a stranger. I think her name is Whitney.

Her email simply said this, "I have a stupid question. Is your blog for real?"

To be honest, I am not quite sure what she is asking.

Real as in it ... is it an actual a blog?

Well, yes. It is an actual blog.

 Real as in ... does the stuff I write actually happen?

Well, yes. The stuff I write actually does happen.

In fact, the following responses are from real people who really read this real blog who can verify of it's realnessThese respondents are not actors and they have no been paid for their endorsement of this blog ... Because, like, why would I pay them?


"Mindy Thornley's blog is one of the most real blogs I've ever read! I would describe it with the following words: actual, authentic, certain, concrete, existing, factual, honest, irrefutable, legitimate, original, palpable, present, sincere, substantive, tangible, true, undeniable, undoubted, unfeigned, valid, and veritable. In fact, 9 out of 10 dentists agree that Mindy's blog even prevents cavities!" - Mike

"Mindy's blog has helped me lose weight. It was mostly her posts about stretching. I realized I could stretch ANYWHERE, such as on a montain, which then motivated me to get out and go hiking and stretching. I've lost 100lbs in two months! Thanks to the wise words of Mindy Marie." - Claire

"I would be so ungrateful if I didn't let everyone know how thankful I am for Mindy's blog.  I believe in her blog with every fiber of my being." -  Avree

"Mindy has saved my life from total and utter destruction.  Without my daily dose of her humor and passion for pink I would have imploded.  I was in a deep, dark place until I found Mindy's blog.  My life will never be the same." - Shan

"I read Mindys blog daily.  It makes my horrible life seem not quite as horrible. I’m Steve Murphy and I approve of the messages written on this blog by one Miss Mindy Marie." - Steve
"This blog has changed everything for me. Seriously, I in some way feel like I am the reason this blog exists. In my opinion, that sets it apart from every other blog. When you read it and think, "Wait, did I write that? and then you realize that you didn't." Wow, that's powerful. I guess what I am trying to say is that I wouldn't be on this site reading Mindy's stuff if it wasn't for the fact that she posted it." - Erika

"Mindy Marie Thornley's blog is hands down my favorite blog to read. Her brutal honesty mixed with her fun sense of humor always puts a smile on my face. Keep the posts coming!" - Allison

"Mindy’s blog has helped me to understand I don’t need to be crafty to have a wonderful and fulfilling life.  I used to think if I didn’t create cute little crafts I saw on Pinterest, then I was a complete failure ... I now realize that it isn’t true.  Thank you for showing me the light Mindy." - Brandon

I think these unpaid testimonials not only show that my blog is real, but that it changes lives every.single.day.

So, Whitney, keep reading. And wait for the changes to be seen in your life too! 

It must be said! It is
very difficult to actually post a blog like this. It feels very ... arrogant {even though it's clearly facetious}. But I am kinda on an arrogant kick as of late. I was talking to a friend yesterday and said, "He just didn't even seem to care that I walked into the room. And that bugged me!" Friend laughed and said, "That is the most arrogant thing I have ever heard you say!" As long as I am off my offensive kick, I guess I am fine with a joking-arrogant kick that has the potential of coming off as real. ;)


And in my dreams ...

I once had a dream about buying a college graduation gift for a friend.

In the dream I bought my friend pencils.

Yes, pencils for gradauting college.

Worst.gift.ever. No?

Dream-Mindy was puzzled why she was buying this as a gift, yet she knew it was what she should do - even though she didn't know why.

Somewhat A lot-bit embarrassed, dream-Mindy handed the gift to her friend, her best friend.

Yet, best friend wasn't confused. Even though dream-Mindy didn't know why she was giving such a lame gift, best friend did.

"Mindy, don't you see it? Don't you know why this is the perfect gift? The erasers allow us to erase the mistakes that we have made and the lead will allow us to write the future."

Uhm, no photo credit. I closed the page where I got it from.
And thus we see that I either have really morbid dreams {the ones about being shot-down, stabbed, etc.} orrrr really cheesy dreams.

But I digress.

I don't remember anything else from that dream. And I definitely didn't buy him pencils as a graduation gift in real-life. In fact, I didn't buy one at all ... because of those said mistakes. And because those said "erasers" had not been used in real-life either.

The dream and the actual real-life graduation were over a year ago.

Yet, here I am today, still thinking of that dream - particularly the eraser part. And how because of choices that have been made, I am not sure they ever will be used.

And that is more than just a little bit sad.

But sad has never been my forte.

So, we musn't part today in sadness.

So, instead! Today, I implore you to use the erasers in your life, whatever that means to you. Apologize to someone you have hurt. Give forgiveness to someone who deserves it, and perhaps maybe more importantly, to someone who doesn't.

The erasers of life can be some of the most beautiful and remarkable blessings in our lives, if we but use them. So, please, use them today for those of us who cannot.

And by doing so, have a beautiful and remarkable day!

{See, I told you sad wasn't my forte!}


Valentine's Day was sooo last week ...

But I had a friend recently post about November this week. November, I say!

Sooo, I figure I can still talk about Valentine's if I want.

And I want.

Remember how I brainwashed my co-workers into wearing pink?

Success, much?

I did feed them tiny edibles for complying to my demands.

Such a small price to pay for so much joy on my part, no?

P.s. In my high school psychology class I learned how to brainwash people. No lie. 

And if you are lucky, I might teach you how to do it one day.


But I cannot discuss this anymore. Because I am going to brainwash my roommate into going to buy ankle boots with me. Yes! Ankle boots! Never thunk I'd see the day, but I am excited. They are cute. And cute things make me happy! 

What makes you happy? And none of this family/friends/husbands/children talk. Pff. As if I can be bothered with warm-fuzzy things, yo.



1. to defraud or rob by some sharp practice; swindle; cheat.
2. a swindle or fraud.

I was robbed! 

I was robbed from my three-day weekend by a horrific, beastly cold/flu.

And I am ticked off!

I considered writing other things today, but I felt compelled to let the universe know of my grumblings of this profound injustice!

A weekend spent home, feeling nast, coughing up internal organs, aching, nauseous, dizzy, crying, not even being able to put my own shoes on the correct feet and wanting to die! All when I should have been savoring 72 hours straight of no.work. and thanking some presidents for the grand gesture! 

While crying my little sister said, "Are you crying?? I have never seen you cry! What do I do?"

That is how uglay it got, peeps.

And now, now I am waiting for my medication to kick in to relieve the fever so I can ... return to work. 


P.s. I think I will make up for the lack of a three-day weekend by having a five-day weekend in two weeks. Only fair, right? I shall consider it Spring Break Numero Uno! Which should entail I have every intention of having Spring Break Numero Dos.

None of which shall take place in Mexico or any other Spanish-speaking country, but it sounded more fun in Spanish.

Until then. Work on good people. Work on.


One day ...

I will stop taking photos of my feet.

Today is clearly not that day.

I think this photo gives you an idea of how my three-day weekend has gone.

Snowy? Yes.

But that is beside the point

I am an adult and that doesn't stop me from putting my boots on the wrong feet. And I didn't even notice until after I had arrived home.

I am blaming it on this hideous illness I have. I have practically coughed up all my internal organs, so the least of my concerns is if I put my shoes on the right feet.

What a great holiday weekend?

Here's hoping yours was much more pleasant than mine!


My pink Jims ...

They are like Toms. 

 But they are Jims {as previously discussed}.

Co-worker: What do you think when you see your shoes?

Mindy: Cuuuuuute! What do you think when you see my shoes?

Co-worker: Meeeedicaaation!

Pff. Whatev.

Happy Saturday to a three-day weekend!


I cannot decide ...

which title I should use for this post.

1. Facebook: destroying friendships since 2004


2. How to offend .003% of your Facebook friends in 37 days.

Take your pick.

I recently {read as: in the last 37 days} have lost three Facebook friends over horrifically offensive things I have said typed.

I started off my year of offensiveness on the right foot when a friend posted something along the lines of, "I hate the beginning of the New Year. So many annoying new people at the gym who won't even be there in a couple of weeks!"

I responded, "Just remember, you were the new person once too! :)"

Result: defriended.

My offensiveness continued when I attended a Utah State basketball game a couple weeks later and saw that the Aggiettes were not wearing Aggie blue.

The annoucer said, "Let's hear it for your USU spirit squad!"

I responded via FB text and said, "I will consider cheering for the USU spirit squad when they consider wearing Aggie blue."

Result: defriended.

By an Aggiette.


But c'mon! 

I tried to be open-minded about this, after all I was refusing to cheer for them in that "other" blue from down south. I thought, "What if someone told me they would never cheer for me in a race?"

My response would be, after laughing of course, "Okay."

I just don't care if not everyone in the world cheers for every little thing I do. I mean, sure, it would be nice. But really?

And lastly! A co-worker who jokes with me incessantly had a photo of him and his gorgeous new babe on Facebook. Cute, tender photo. Minus his molester-stache. And I indicated so by saying something similiar to, "Too bad daddy has a molester-stache!"

Not too long after I received the following comment in my inbox, "Mindy, you are classless. How dare you write something so offensive on a photo with my baby? You are a despicable person!"

Result: defriended ... and blocked!!


My fingers are sharper than a double-edged sword - and I am not even trying!

The thing is this: I genuinely feel so badly about all three instances. I would never intenionally try to offend someone. After all, I have never started off a sentence with, "No offense ..." Which clearly entails you are about to offend someone! P.s. This also goes for when people start off a sentence with, "I don't mean to brag ..." Uh, yeah. Clearly you do. BUT !!!! Please do not take offense with that!

Because, guess what?

At the current rate I am going, I will eventually offend and lose all my Facebook friends in roughly 96 months!

So all in all, the actual reason this post exists is to say this: I am sooo sorry in advance if you are next!

Until then, I will wash my fingers out with soap! That will show them for not minding their p's and q's! 


Valentine's Day

Truth be told: I have never celebrated Valentine's Day with a significant other.

Nope. Nevah! 

That should probably make me feel ... sad? But it really doesn't. I mean, if I wanted to be sad about my significant lack of a significant other, I could choose to be sad about that every day of my life. Why would I wait for a designated day to do so?

Besides, wouldn't being sad on Valentine's Day ruin the fantasticness of all the chocolate and pink?

The answer to that is, yes!
While being un-attached on this day of love is all I have ever known, I am willing to try it attached.

But I just haven't had any luck.

Plus, I am not sure luck has ever been my friend. And I realized that perhaps that is where my problem is. I am going to need more than just mere luck to get a man to fall in love with me! Maaaaybe more along the lines of a miracle! Seriously, I need divine intervention at this point.

Best thing, I know just how to obtain said miracle!

Did you know that in Roman Catholic folklore, tradition has it that you can receive a miracle by burying a statue of one of their kjillion saints? The trick is this: burying the saint of the miracle you wish to receive.

For example, if you want to receive a miracle of fertility, you bury the saint of fertility. Whoever that is. I don't know who that is as I clearly don't wish for that in my life right now. :)

If you wish for a miracle of health, you bury Saint Luke.

Annnnnd, if you want the miracle of love in your life, which better saint to bury than Saint Valentine's on Valentine's?

While not Catholic, I thought it was worth a shot.

So I acquired Saint Valentine's.

And decided to bury it! 

Not wanting to dig up my yard, I decided to go to a secret location to perform the sacred ritual.

But because someone else could possibly destroy my miracle {buying digging up the statue}, I also included the following note.

I placed the note in a plastic bag and shoved gently placed the note into the statue.

And started digging, with Saint Valentine looking on.

And, as tradition goes, placed the statue in upside down.

P.s. The white specs you see are snow flakes! Fun, no?

Annnd, then for good measure: I threw in a pink, sparkly statue to keep Saint Valentines company.

 I then replaced the earth to its original spot. 

And sealed it with a heart.

And lastly, when your miracle presents itself, you recover the statue from the earth.

Lucky little husband. The day he becomes my husband, we will take a trip to the unsaid location and retrieve Saint Valentines in appreciation of the miracle performed.

Naturally, I will keep you all updated. 

Just don't hold your breath. It never said how long it would take for the miracle to manifest. :)

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and all things pink!


Day O' Love!

Today! Today is one of the best days of the year!

Chocolate is handed out like oxygen and everything is PINK!

How could I not be madly in love with this day?

Today is hecka full of this and that!

© Feed every co-worker who is wearing pink a delicious edibles ©

© Attend the work Valentine's Day Tea and dance ©

© See witch doctor {how appropriate for Valentine's Day, I have a hecka lotta love for her!} ©

© Deliever 141 Valentine's Day cookies ©

© Attend a USU basketball game ©

© And bury something in the ground {more on this later}©

© All while celebrating Jillika {a week-long birthday party for roommate Jillian Jiggs}©

I can do it, right?

P.s. Since I will not be able to post about my Valentine's Day festivities until after Valentine's Day, I will provide you some reading on LOVE from last year. Enjoy or re-enjoy, whichever the case may be.

Also, it must be said. I am wearing enough pink to make Pepto Bismol jealous.




On Sunday, February 5, 2012 in a small town in the state of Washington, evil temporarily prevailed as two young boys lost their lives at the hand of their father.

It was the end of a horrific story, but the continuation of mourning for those who were already grieving the loss of their mother.

Like many of you, my heart ached for their insurmountably loss.

In small-town, Utah strangers gathered to remember and memorialize the lives of those precious lives. 

Signing cards for the families of the victims.

With balloons in hand.

I chose shades of blue to honor the boys.

Their great-great grandmother was in attendance.

The Herald Journal/Eli Lucero

The balloons were released upward, with messages and heartfelt prayers tied to the strings.

The Herald Journal/Eli Lucero
We watched as they floated into the distance.

And eventually out of our view.

Yes, evil temporarily prevailed. But those precious lives will not be forgotten, neither will their loved ones who are still here.

It was a somber occasion. Yet beautiful, as the balloons flew heavenward, to the boys and their mother. A perfect reminder to where we should look when sorrow and unspeakable pain are inflicted, and even when they are not.

My heartfelt prayers and love go to the Cox and Powell families at this time. And may they find peace as they look heavenward also.


The day I was a little ghetto ...

Okay, maybe I wasn't ghetto.

But I ghetto-edited a photo.

And made this ...

It's apparently making it's way around the town.

That's right, over 5,363 people like it and over 1,730 people have shared it.

Rumor has it, it even made it's way up into a USU class today.

P.s. Clairence did it with me. We are so cool legit.

You should feel special that you know me.

Just sayin'.

Neighborly Non-Neighbors

I live in Logan, Utah.

Now, I realize that might not scream anything to you, but just so you know, it is kinda a big deal.

It is a big deal because it is the home of two epic rescues that have made national headlines in the past few months {burning car rescue!; car in a river rescue!}. I tell you this because 1. I now feel obligated as a Logan native to rescue people! And two, we just have some good-hearted people here.

These good hearts come in handy when you are at a co-workers's apartment and you are about to watch the riveting Mighty Ducks sequel, D2, and you realize that said co-worker does not have a VHS player.

I mean, if people here are willing to risk their lives by jumping into fires and frigid, icy waters, they forsurely will let me {someone who is not their neighbor, someone they do not know} borrow a VHS player, right?

And they did.

A TV/VHS player in one.

Sure, it isn't a life-saving act, but it allowed me to see the Flying V, so it is pretty much comparable.

Right before we decided to start the movie, we realized we wanted to make orange juliuses.

The only problem, co-worker didn't have any ice in his freezer.

We figured if we lived in a town where people risked their lives to save lives and let complete strangers borrow a TV/VHS player, they would forsurely let us borrow their ice cube treys and accompanying ice cubes.

And they did.

Two apartments in fact! As the first place only had one trey.

When Alissa {friend who was collecting all the items with me} and I returned to said co-workers apartment, he realized that while he now had the orange juice concentrate and the ice cubes to make the orange juliuses, he didn't have a blender to mix them!

We figured if we lived in a town where people risked their lives to save lives and let complete strangers borrow a TV/VHS player and ice cube treys with the accompanying ice cubes, they would forsurely  let us borrow their blender.

And they did.
All in all we borrowed five different items from four different apartments.

The smaller TV/VHS player, the blender and three ice cube treys with accompanying ice cubes.

All so we could watch the Flying V in D2 while drinking orange juliuses.

Here's to hoping your non-neighbors are as neighborly as mine!

Happy Thursday, people!


Super Bowl Sunday

was indeed super.

Not because I was really into the game.

Let's not kid ourselves, the NFL is no NCAA football and NCAA football is no NCAA basketball {at least not in my little world and this blog is about my world}, so forgive me if my attention waivered throughout the entire four hours.

My attention waivered to wonderful edibles like sub sandwhiches, chips, chips and dip, cheesy potatoes, Deviled eggs, olives, pickles, fun-sized candy bars, suckers and chocolate cupcakes {chocolate cupcakes I say!}. Just to name a few!

My attention also waived to sitting on not-so-small children like this one.

And a little wrassling {read as wrestling, just pronounced more fun!} with the younger nephew.

As well as while playing some Words with Friends ... with some friends. {I just started playing and I am horrrrrible.}

One thing that truly did make Super Bowl Sunday super was the beautiful BEDAZZLED robes that Cee Lo and Madonna wore during the halftime show {which I saw about 47 seconds of}. Do I care for either of them? Nope. BUT, can you imagine a world where the MoTab wore sparkly robes?? I have a handful of friends that sing in the choir, maybe they can pass it along to Mac! Just sayin'.

Also super: the last play of the game! Holy moly, or should I say, "Hail Mary!" While I wanted the Giants to win, simply because they weren't the Patriots, there was a little part of me that wanted that pass to be caught to score the winning touchdown. But then again, we must remember while I rarely get nostaligic and warm-fuzzied about many things, I somehow always do for athletic events {even fake athletic events like a Low's Hardware commericial about a father and his son putting up a basketball hoop in their driveway}.

Good time had by all, especially by my belly.

P.s. I didn't sit on him the entire time.

That's all.


There is always a first time for everything ...

And this was my first time to the laundromat. 

I mean ... I washed some clothes at Deseret Towers once when I was an EFY counselor. {I foolishly thought I would stay in Provo all weekend, but after I washed my clothes and it was only 2:00pm I drove to Logan only to return back to Provo by 6:00pm. Every other back-to-back weekends I promptly left Saturday after the kiddos left just to return less than 48 hours later.}

But I digress. 

Another time, thanks to EFY, I washed my laundry at my apartment complex's washers and dryers. Which clearly is not a real laundromat, if one at all.

So this was my first, legit laundromat experience.

And I wasn't even washing my clothes.

She was.

Our little washer at our home gave up the ghost.

It's no skin off my nose as I wash my clothes at my parents' anyway. 

And for good reason.

This kind of stuff scares me and I think I always have feared things like this occur at the laundromat. And this is why this was my first laundromat experience. Because, honey, if I had a retainer and left it at the local laundromat - I would not be comin' back for it!

And I feel like no one should.

But then I was introduced to the wheely-cart thingy.

And then suddenly the laundromat wasn't so bad after all.

And I just might come back had I left my retainer. Or even if I hadn't.

So I could play a little more.

P.s. Don't worry. The warning only said that children weren't allowed.

So it is a good thing I am an adult, no?

It is also uber-good that I met the 50lbs requirement.

So, while I kinda feared this location, it was clearly all for naught. It's a great location and I actually encourage you to go. Just leave the kids behind, as they will be heartbroken as you ride in the laundry basket on wheels and they are prohibited to such.

Oh, and remember to keep your mouth piece in place.

50 gold stars to everyone who read this post! Did you think I forgot about gold stars? Because I didn't. P.s. I will update them by the end of this week!


Groundhog's Day

The actual day.

And the movie.

My Groundhog's Day actually started out like the movie. As in, my Thursday was eerily similar to my Wednesday {primarily based on the my clients having the exact same behavioral episodes as they did the day before - at the same time as the day before - thus, resulting in me implementing the same interventions as the day before}.

Besides repeating almost my entire workday, I wanted to do something to celebrate Groundhog's Day {I am kinda in this kick of celebrating holidays this year}. I actually soilcited advice from hoards of people on how to do this. And the most common answers? 1. Watch Groundhog's Day and 2. Print off a coloring page of a groundhog and - get this! - color it.

Snooze fest, folks.

I mean, I am totally down for watching movies occasionally and coloring like I was a wee-lass again, but that does not sound like an epic celebration.

Am I right or am I right?

So what did I do instead?

I had dinner with this gal.

Mindy & Courtney
And we chattered about our lives, past experiences, present experiences. The good, the bad and the "hideous".

What did it have to do with Groundhog's Day?

Absolutely nothing.

But then again, I doubt brunch, shopping, a Boy Meets World marathon and hot tubbin' at Crystal Hot Springs screams out, "Happy Civil Rights Day!"

But don't worry, for our next holiday I am getting more on board of celebrating in a fashion that actually is representitive of the day. Yup, that's right! I am talking about Valentine's Day!

I am pretty excited about it, even though I don't have a plus one {and truth be told, never have had a plus one on Valentines Day, but that is another story for another day ... read as: most likely a story for no day}.

P.s. Phil saw his shadow, which gave him a fright so he ran back into his hole and with that - six more weeks of winter. Ahem. 1. Why are we relying on a rodent to forecast the weather? And two, when on this green earth has winter ever ended in February in Utah anyway??

Lastly, my friend Andrea is having a blog auction for the the National Marfan Foundation. This is a cause that is very dear to her heart {pun not intended!} and she is dear to mine, so please check it out. See if there is something on there you are interested in bidding on!

Happy Saturday, everyone!
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