So, there we were ...

eating at Cafe Sabor.

Not that you can see us.

Because the lights weren't on.

And my camera phone doesn't have a flash.

The light you do see is coming from Jill's phone. The ghost radar app, to be more exact.

See, they we were. Eating dinner. And the lights flickered. And then went off completely.

And then they came back on.

Repeat 23 times.

No lie.

We figured something sketchy must have been going on ... like paranormal activity. Hence, the use of the app.

Between you and I, the radar tested positive for "activity".

At which point, Jilly and I wanted to leave the restaurant immediately!

We informed our waitress of our concerns.

To which she provided us with free fried ice cream.

Which we took home.

Where the power was on.

And where no "activity" was found on the radar.

Not a bad evening, if I do say so myself. Not a bad evening at all.


Toni said...

Haha! Love.

Shan said...

That's hilarious!

AGK said...

Free fried ice cream from Cafe Sabor!! Lucky!! Hope their paranormal activity issues don't cause them any economic problems! eek!

Meg said...

Free fried ice cream would make any evening great. Paranormal activity or not. :)

Missy W. said...

it is an old train station. I wouldn't be surprised if it was haunted.

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