[sur-vis] noun, -iced, -ic·ing.
an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.

We had another activity.

It may appear like another domestic/crafty activity.

BUT, it is not.

It's a service project.

Strike that.

It's two services projects.

In one.

For project numero uno, we collected large swatches of fleece.

Where we would cut ...

And tie them.

Mindy & Lacy Christensen
The blankets were for children at the Child and Family Support Center {a local, private, nonprofit organization comprised of local citizens willing to donate their time and talents toward our mission of Strengthening Families and Protecting Children}. The blankets will go to children who are brought to the center in emergency situations {where a parent can no longer take of them, etc.}. They then get to keep them as their own. I love that they do that. :)

The second project involved some fun cute supplies.

To make some cards.

For members of the United States military.

To express part of our appreciation for their sacrifices made for all of us.


And edibles were provided.

Jacqui Roberts & Sara Evans
Of course.

And my monthly shout-out to these ladies ...

Sarah Pope, Mindy, Summer Lyday and Em.
 Of course.

For all of their hard work {and the many others who help them!}.

And for the ones that sit by me at Church. :) Their names rhyme with Barah and Bemilee.

P.s. I want to own Summer's hoodie, but that shouldn't be too surprising, right? :)

Can you believe February is here tomorrow?? TOMORROW, I say!


Shan said...

Looks like you plan some really fun activities for the sisters in your ward!

Chelsea said...

This is awesome! I think I've stalked your blog before . . . it's so crazy because Alison, on your sidebar, was one of my counselors at EFY when I was 17! Small world!

Missy W. said...

Are there any things you don't want in pink?

Meg said...

Happy February!

Those cards are so cute. I'm amazed at the talent of the person(s) who wrote on them. I wish I could write with such cuteness.

Krystal said...

The blankets reminded me of EFY service projects ;) and, I kinda want that hoodie too!

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