Oh, 2011 ...

We weren't the kindest to each other.

I mean, we were no Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding {with me being Nancy, of course}. But we definitely weren't Cory and Topanga. Perhaps Jim and Dwight {I get to be Jim, naturally}. Never truly friends, but having found common grounds on more than one occasion. 

I barely lived up to anything I resoluted to you that I would do. Mr. Achilles played nice for roughly three months out of the 12, so I definitely wasn't able to run three times a week. I could should have been more obedient, kinder to others, and stuck to my budget - any budget! - for longer than a month. But between you and me, you know I saw with my faith more than my sight. I killed that one

You definitely didn't bring anything I had wanted. You maintained what 2010 and previous years had brought me, but nothin' fancy of your own. You left 2012 to do your dirty work ... and that's just not fair.

I suppose this is part of the reason my only resolution every year {sans 2005 where I resoluted to never cut my own hair again, and I haven't}, is to make no resolutions.

Maybe we started off on the wrong foot ... ya know, me in bed. Sleeping. As if you were NBD. 

But looking back at it, you were NBD. I keed, I keed, 2011. Take a joke.

I figured though, that just in case you were holding a grudge from our first impression, I would welcome in 2012 a little more warmly than I did you. 

Here's hopin' that it made a good impression.

And so here I shall make my final adieu to you, 2011. I will always remember our one shining moment, particularly because it was a moment that should have been my darkest. And for that moment alone, I thank you.

Peace out, Boy Scout.


Mindy M. Thornley


Burke and Emily Adams said...

Love this. Here's hoping 2012 becomes your new BFF. :)

Shan said...

I think 2012 is going to be the best! Someone said a couple Sundays ago that the even years are always the good ones.

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