Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I had a friend who wrote a Facebook status on this day, thinking that it short changes some other people who did just as much for civil rights as MLK did.

I figure I don't care who I celebrate as long as I get a day off work to celebrate them.

And I did. 

We did.

We started off the day with brunch. That included bendy straws!

Bendy straws, I say!

We then did some shoppin'! 

And had a Boy Meets World marathon {which someone on FB thought it was an actual marathon named that}.

And don't worry, it only took three bags of popcorn to get one that was edible.

And afterwards, we headed to Crystal Hot Springs.

 {Jilly was there too, but refused to be in the photo. She opted to take instead. I was feeling Christian and let it be at that.}

Our trip to Crystal Hot Springs was essentially a human soup bowl.

Take from that what you will.

But, remember! I went to brunch, shopping, had a Boy Meets World marathon and played at Crystal Hot Springs ... all while having a paid holiday.

All in a day's unwork.

Thanks, Martin Luther! Let's do it again sometime!


Shan said...

I keep toying with the idea of driving down to crystal hot springs and reliving youth memories. Worth it?

Missy W. said...

That day I saw someone using your (empty) work parking lot to practice donuts in their car. And I was jealous that you had the day off.

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