Hospitals ...

I have always felt like my family was a hospital family. Liiiiike, we frequent it waaay more often than the "normal" family. I remember days in the hospital visiting my brother as a child. I can even remember the nurses knowing me by name and playing with me on their breaks - that is how often we were there - that is how well they knew us.

And if we weren't there for brother Brandon, we were there for the finger I nearly chopped off in the door {even today it is still a beaut!}, my heel I cut open on the bicycle spokes, my appendix, Tiff's appendix, mom's appendix, Tiff's Leukemia {grand misdiagnosis}, dad's knee {when he was attacked by a bull}, Shteve's pancreatitis, Shteve's cancer!

To name a few.

Yes, we are a hospital family.

And our hospitalness has extended to the newest generation in full force.

Nephew One has made a handful of visits to Primary Children's Hospital in the past month. He has a muscular disorder. Very likely Muscular Dystrophy. Like his uncle {my brother}.

As hospital visits come and go, it has felt a little unreal. Unreal that this little boy who already struggles with so many things due to his premature birth could carry an even heavier burden in his life. Unreal that his devoted parents now must carry it too.

No one is sure what Nephew One's future holds. But both child and parents alike have questioned.

Recently, favorite-brother-in-law-Shteve wrote about how several years ago he and my sister built their home. As they built their home they took special precautions to make sure brother Brandon could come over whenever he wanted to, being able to get in the home {as there are many homes he can never enter}. They took extra care to make their home as wheelchair friendly as possible {extra wide hallways, doorways, limited carpet, etc.}. Favorite-brother-in-law-Shteve was sure to make it clear that it is obviously too early to tell, but were they really, unknowingly preparing this home for their son's wheelchair?

Nephew One told Grandma, "It will be okay if I am in a wheelchair, I will probably get a lot of presents." Not only do I like love his optimism, but I will most likely be a grand contributor of said presents. :) He also said it will be okay if he is in a wheelchair as long as he isn't as bad off as his uncle.

And in the midst of the unknown and heartache, I do know of my profound gratitude for a brother who has faced his heartbreaking challenges so gracefully, so beautifully that his nephew will be okay to follow down the same path if that is where his journey leads him.

It is a beautiful lesson to be taught, that through meekness and joy in affliction we can lighten the burden of those suffering similarly.

It is my belief that we can also lighten that burden through prayer. That is where my prayers have been and will be in the upcoming weeks. And yours are welcome to be there also. ;)

Have a happy Wednesday. :)


Burke and Emily Adams said...

Mindy- what an amazing little man. He (and you) will definitely be in our prayers. Love to your whole family.

Shan said...

You are all totally a part of my prayers!

Meg said...

As I read this I thought about my kids. As a parent I would far rather have to go through something difficult myself than see my kids do it. I will be praying for your family, too.

Whitney B. said...

This is the sweetest post. You have a way with words. They will all be in my prayers!

Shan said...

Your blog will not let me leave a comment on your post from today. But I do have to say AMEN!! I finally had to ask my guy friend if it was ever going to go anywhere before I got serious with George. When he finally told me no, I knew I could move on with no regrets.

WMDROC said...

Muscular dystrophy can be cured, please take bulls.

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