The bane of my existence ...


I said it.

And I only feel half-bad about it.

I suppose that isn't even truly accurate. Making Visiting Teaching assignments in the bane of my existence. Everything else is just fine.

I don't know if I just hate MLS {the program used to set it all up}, which gives me some hoards of grief. Or the fact that I left the Church yesterday and today after it was dark outside. Or may that in a student ward you have to do complete overhauls of Visiting Teaching every three months with significant changes monthly.  Or maybe it is the fact that the printer/copy decided to give up the ghost at the most inopportune moment. 

All I do know is that making VT assignments make me want to poke my eyeballs out and make me question where my weekend went. 

Oh, I also know that this little jar that I found in the stake offices helped me make it through the entire experience. 

It may or may not have been that full when all was said and done. 

Buuut!! When my belly is happy, I am happy.

And so is Angie, apparently. :)

And I bet the owner of the jar would be happy knowing it's contents were my saving grace.

P.s. If you are a visiting teacher, you should probably do your visits. Just so there is at least a point to the madness of what we go through arranging it all. AND, your assigners may not have even had a treat jar to draw strength from - gasp!

And now, all I want to do is go to bed.

The end.


Lil said...

Last time, I just gave up and wrote them by hand. But my branch is really small...I'm hoping this time I can figure out how to print them. :)

Shan said...

I'm the VT coordinator and I feel your pain. We do not have a candy jar to save us though. I would have to say it is my most detested calling ever. We are in a home ward but with tons of newly weds that move in and out all the time so we make monthly changes too. I feel your pain.

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