Back to the old grind ...

I had to work four whole days last week. Four whole days of eight hours a day {and this week it will be five!}.

It's been rough.

This will help you see why ...

For my two-week, paid Christmas break, I spent the majority of the time in these babies:

Adorable pajamas, in case you couldn't tell.

And now? Now I am supposed to get dressed every day. For at least eight hours.


I actually crunched the numbers for time spent not in real clothes over the Christmas break.. 66% of my days off were spent in pajamas.

But stats can sometimes be deceiving.

While I spent 66% of my days off in pajamas,  I actually spent 94% of the time in pajamas. While I did get dressed four days {I think}, I was only dressed for roughly two hours each of those four days.

It wasn't all for naught, however. It clearly brought a whole new meaning to the word lazy And I am proud to do that for you - for the world!

You are welcome.

Doing what I can for mankind, one step at a time.

And now, I think am officially finished throwing that two-week, paid Christmas vacay in your faces. Well, until at least October or November where I get so incredibly, unbelievably antsy, at which point I will inevitably bring it up again. P.s. Due to my incessant bragging of said two-week, paid Christmas break I promise that for all of twenty-twelve I will not brag about my husband or children. Deal? Buneo.


Andi said...

Oh good I'm getting sick and tired of you braggin about your nuaghty hotty of a husband.

Hopefully you got my blog invite?

Shan said...

I'm quite jealous of your so many days spent in pajamas.

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