101 Most Shocking Moments of 2011

As always ...

A. For anonymity purposes I sometimes refer to a person simply as he or she. Thus, not all the he's or she's are the same person. As well as, some things are very, very vague. Live with it. ;) But to make up for it, you will earn 10 gold stars for each one you read.

B. Also, 10 gold stars for each time you make the list or something on the list relates directly to you. Feel free to argue your case on how an item relates to you in the comment section provided below. :)

C. I tried to put each moment in its proper order, with the absolute most shocking moment as number one and so on ... But it gets really complicated ... and boring. So, top 10 are actually in exact order. The top 30 are in the general area of exactness. And 31-101 ... they are just on there somewhere. :)

D. I had a really difficult time not putting exclamation points at the end of all of these. :) Shocking moments deserve exclamation points, however, over-used exclamation points defeat the purpose of an exclamation point in the first place. :)

And now, without further adieu ...

Mindy's 101 Most Shocking Moments of 2011!

101. That the Kardashian-Humphreys marriage didn't last 74 days. ;)
100.  He just wasn't feeling it. Haha!
99. The pink sugar cookie he left on my desk {this one should be higher, but I don't want to re-number them all!}. :)
98. How much time it required. 
97. How kind her voice was.
96. Erika married someone under 6'2". ;)
95. Idol worship in Utah Valley. You know what I am talking about.
94. They don't seem concerned that she gained over 100 pounds in 11 months.
93. USU trailed SUU for a short period of time in basketball. 
92. My new chocolate, chocolate chip muffin obsession
91. Brady Jardine is most likely out for the entire season.
90. Brady Jardine has most likely played the last basketball game of his USU career.
89. My work computer, after four years, finally signed out of BFF's Pandora account. Doh.
88. That I was excited to see that person ... for a day.
87. I watched entire X-Men series.
86. I enjoyed watching the entire X-Men series.
85. I didn't buy the pink Swifter.
84. Americans' obsession with the Royal Wedding. It's like 1776 never existed!
83. I actually have found some joy in painting my finger nails.
82. The H&M shopping-spree Brandon gave me for my birthday.
81. I got portraits taken for the first time since ... I was a kid? Thanks, Lissa!
80. My neighbor can hear me singing my songs.
79. Mindy's Month of Merriment - why haven't I been doing this my entire life?
78. The neighborhood peeping Tom
77. They wouldn't fire him.
76. He was given full-time hours.
75. I can smell what Shurlana smells.
74. Someone can be setenced 431 years for a crime.
73. Someone who has killed over 30 people has only three life sentences.
72. HOW FLAMING HOT the Bountiful temple was.
71. How to cool off in the summer
70. Stayed at the parents for a week
69. He showed up to the softball game.
68. My arm circumfrence is one inch smaller than Mike's.
67. I finally found a matching pink stapler and tape dispensor.
66. How pen bodides can flyyyyy.
65. How horrible the softball team was.
64. After going to Lagoon once in the last 15 years? I went twice in one week.
63. I finished that hell-forsaken summer challenge.
62. I didn't buy a AC window unit.
61. He didn't even recognize it was my birthday.
60. His continued indifference.
59. He called.
58. Scott likes me now. Weird.
57. Booting for non-current car registration is possible.
56. Her crasiness!!!
55. The day I couldn't remember how to spell paid. {Payed!?}
55. Aggies against Auburn.
54. I cried when Spencer left.
53. D's V-neck
52. Her FB status.
51. She rejected his date offer.
50. I was featured in a magazine.
49. Her power trip.
48. Who asked me out. Goo.
47. I got along with him for six months.
46. That person's parachute didn't open while skydiving.
45. I now own colored skinny jeans.
44. She dated him again.
43. The only plane I got in this year, I jumped out of.
42. Ward drama.
41. I found out every place I could take a pregnancy test in Logan, Utah.
40. I about passed out after the dentist.
39. The client's comment about how I was going to have sexual relations with a male co-worker. Haha!
38. She yelled at me and was feisty.
37. He is a two-timer.
36. He tried to blame me for being a two-timer.
35. She tried to end her life.
34. 52 flippin' degrees in December! Hello, Spring. :)
33. Jerry Sloan retired.
32. President Fifield's facial hair
31. The blah-stint of USU basketball.
30. What happened/didn't happen at his house.
29. It changed our friendship forever.
28. He didn't notice.
27. Spencer left. :(
26. She agreed to visit teach.
25. The Penn State's fiasco.
24. Achilles miraculously healed. Temporarily.
23. His lie.
22. DI does not wash their clothes before putting them on the floor.
21. How she just doesn't do her callings.
20. I'm a homewrecker, apparently.
19. I made lunch for 66 people. Those fed survived. And more importantly, I survived.
18. Surgery for a stress fracture ??? SERIOUSLY!?
17. We really don't talk anymore.
16. My brother moved to St. George. :(
15. JH knew about BFF all along.
14. USU football had three wins in a row.
13. USU football had four wins in a row.
11. USU football had five wins in a row {first time since the 70's}.
11. USU football went to a bowl game.
10. Wayne Newton is still alive. Really??
9. Casey Anthony was found innocent.
8. I am still not married. 
7. The engagement
6. He didn't tell me. He didn't tell me.
5. He actually married her.
4. Osama bin Laden was captured.
3. The perfect timing of when they ran into each other.
2. He didn't want to try. He wanted to give up.
1. He did give up.


Lissa Chandler said...

Um... I read all of them. And the vagueness just made me want to know more about your life. :)

Summer said...

I read all of them andd some of them relate to me the following: 101: because i LOVE the kardashians, 93: because I was at that game watching that sad moment, 98: because I think that means how much time our RS canoe activity took haha, 95: My brother goes to that school & he is related to me, 78: she moved in with me so yeah, 51: i think this is about me because yeah you know that one time but if not well i should still get gold stars for all that crazyness, 42: sadly so much of that i had to do with haha roomie and eqp and stuff, annddd that's all i have. love that you actually did 101 of those.

Debbie said...

How shocking! I might be more shocked if I understood more of your vague references, but I got some of them.

I read all 110 shocking moments.
And I deserve points for these:

66. How pen bodides can flyyyyy.
(I was directly involved in showing you how to make pen bodies flyyyy.)

43. The only plane I got in this year, I jumped out of.
(The first plane I ever got in, I jumped out of.)

40. I about passed out after the dentist.
(My brother is a dentist.)

34. 52 flippin' degrees in December! Hello, Spring. :)
(I'm your neighbor, so it was 52 flippin' degrees for me too.)

16. My brother moved to St. George. :(
(My brother moved to North Dakota - and I have relatives in St. George.)

8. I am still not married.
(Hello!) (I think I deserve quadruple points for this one. Or better yet, subtract your age from my age and multiply that by 10 to calculate my points. I'm 9 years older than Dennis.)

Meg said...

I read them all, of course. I am quite shocked that DI doesn't wash their clothes. They used to. But that was at the old store, a long time ago when I worked there.

Claire said...

I hate how vague you are. I have not yet counted how many times I made the list but I feel as though I should have made it more often than I did.

Shan said...

I read them all. And I ditto about wanting to know more about your life. I think I would be fascinated.

#2 and #1 apply to me since that happened to my sister just a month ago.

#4 & #9 & #84 cause you know I saw the news reports and watched the wedding too

#21 Oh man, as a visiting teaching coordinator and part of the RS presidency last year, I understand this all too well

#34 It was at least that warm here in Orem too

#41 I've been experiencing that in Orem for the last 2 years

#95 Does it count for me if I work at BYU but never really cared about him?

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