Blog giveaway!

As most of you, as I have made it pretty clear throughout my blogging life, that I just want to fit in with other bloggers in the world.

I do this by sharing recipes {here and here}.

I attempted to do this by talking about my babies {here}.

And I will do it by participating in a blog giveaway!

I was watching the Travel channel two Christmas breaks ago, where my mind was introduced to the concept of a Mediterranean Cruise. Ever since, that has been my dream.
And because of that, this give away exists today!

So here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment on this post to enter.
2. Only one entry per person, please.
3. All anonymous comments will not be able to enter.
4. To get a second entry in the give away: be a follower of this blog, grab my button and advertise my blog all over your blog because you blog is about my blog, like my blog on Facebook and Twitter, and lastly, mention this give away on your blog.
5. And finally, the lucky winner will purchase the Mediterranean cruise {and accompanying flight} under my name - for me to use within the next three months!

I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday, June 1st! Good luck!
This giveaway has been extended to Friday, June 3rd due to limited viewing over the holiday weekend. Either that or an extreme lack of interest. Naturally, I am going with the first.


New blog series?

I was wondering if I should do a new series on my blog ...

A game of sorts.

A guessing game.

Where I give hints about a friend of mine and the rest of y'all get to guess who.

I would even provide pictures.

Baby pictures that is.

Let's see how this goes ...

This friend and I enjoy eating out together. I think we both began our enjoyment of food as youngsters. Our latest outing was to Chik-fil-a when he was visiting his family in Logan. Don't worry, he sat in a regular chair this time around.

My friend continued this blue trend through his post-high school years at a school down south. However, the law school he attended would not have enjoyed these colors.

Oddly enough here he is even at a young age trying to bring those two schools together.

I have no recollection of him actually ever riding a horse {not sayin' he hasn't ... I just don't know of a time he has}. Some of his hobbies include Aggie basketball, watching baseball, watching the Office, listening to his mama sing in the Motab, and referencing Brian Reagan.

He also, evidently, enjoys drinking out of hoses. Who knew?

A Yankees fan for life ... He pulls this face whenever someone talks about the BoSox.

And 12 is his very favorite number. This is also the face I would see while working at EFY together and he had a spiritual "Ah-ha" moment. :)

So the question that remains is this:
Who is he?


Mexican Fiesta ...

I am kinda pulling double triple duty in my ward these days {since people moved home for the summer and we are still restaffing}.

My regular calling.

Finding someone to be in charge of ward prayer each week until someone gets called.

And planning FHE.

Tonight I planned a Mexican Fiesta! Cha-cha-cha!

Because of the triple duty thing, I keep telling myself I did not need to go allll out on this activity ...

And I didn't.

Because those photographs are not of our fiesta {I stole them from here. Bahaha!}.
Our fiesta had no decor. Buuut if it did, they would sooo look like those.

But look at me digress.

Not gonna lie, my roommate kinda took the activity over.

Which is just fine by me.

I decided to do this instead ...

 Yesss, I am drawing Mexi-staches on the boys! And note, with a permanent marker.

The plate was my guide. I would ensure to clarify that I would only be drawing the soul patch and the Mexi-stache ... not the nose and mouth.

P.s. If this post hasn't given you your Mindy-fix for the day, feel free to go here. My friend Lissa is doing a photo series on women and the things they love. I am "officially" her first installment. I feel pretty good about being an installment. ;) Also, if you need photos taken, she is amasing! Love her!


Bones ...

I have long bones.

I have broken many-a-bones.

I don't have any musical bones.

But surprisingly enough, I have some political bones.

I didn't know I had any political bones in my body until the 2008 presidential campaign. And I became more than just a little involved. I volunteered at conventions as well as traveled to Iowa for the caucus to do campaigning for the Mittster.

My experience in Iowa was eye opening and wonderful in every way possible, even in -12 temperatures. :) While I still wouldn't say I am the most informed person on all policies, procedures, or even candidates ... I feel like I have common sense - which believe it or not - I feel has been my biggest strength when entering the political world.

Clearly, I am going to get political today. And before we go any further, my intent is not to offend. It is to simply offer something for all of us to think about.

Why do I bring this up today?

Because I am concerned about the current state of our country.

One concept in particular that has been weighing on my mind for quite sometime is this: where on this green earth has self-reliance gone?

Self-reliance ... It makes you wonder if some people have ever heard of it. Do all you can do to provide for yourself and your family then, and only then seek government assistance? Does that ring a bell?

Take for an example the man who lost his job due to the poor economy. He received unemployment for his circumstances, which can be a great program. However, when discussing job possibilities for this man he said he would rather receive the unemployment wage than go look for another job that paid less than that wage. Is there no pride in hard work and earning what you are given?

Abusing the system ruins the system for whom it was truly intended for.

Or take for an example someone who is receiving food stamps or WIC or any other branch of the welfare system. If you have money to purchase frivolous things {the cool new phone, iPads, furniture, cars, etc.} don't you have enough money to buy your own food or your baby's own food? If you are in need of help that much, shouldn't you choose to own/purchase the necessities and only the necessities? And let me tell you right now: an android or iPhone is not a necessity. It.is.not.

Abusing the system ruins the system for whom it was truly intended for.

Two things to think about:

1. Just because someone qualifies for assistance - does that mean you should automatically use it?
2. Nothing is truly free. Absolutely nothing.

Let's talk about how nothing is free for a moment ... As a single person with an education, I fall into a "rough" tax bracket. I complain about the taxes I pay because it always seems that even though I do not make more, I keep paying more. :) But whatev.

I am okay with the concept of taxes to a very large degree. I like that I contribute to society financially {I believe I do so numerous other ways also}. I like that I can help others who have not had the opportunities nor been as financially blessed as I have been.

In fact, I am sure 95% of you reading this blog understand that I also donate 10% of all my earnings to my Church {which does not go to pay members of my Church, rather to build churches, temples, schools, humanitarian aide etc.} I also make other contributions when possible to programs I believe benefit others.

The "free" money people receive comes from someone else who is earning that money through hard work. It is my money and the money of countless others who have put in effort to do something to receive it.

As previously mentioned, I personally have no problem paying my taxes to better society and to be given to other people who are working off their rear-ends and still come up short or who have had unfortunate circumstances but are trying to better those situations. That is fine, it is better than fine. But if my taxes are going to feed your child while you make a frivolous purchase/own unnecessities - I have a major problem with that.

Accepting money from someone else's work should not be done lightly.

Anyone applying for/currently on government assistance should honestly answer for themselves, "Am I doing all I can do?" and if the answer is no, then they should even more honestly ask themselves, "Should I take this money?" And then do the right thing.

Wow. We should all probably take a deep breath right about now. :)

And again for clarification: this post is about people who abuse the system. So if you are on government assistance, this post isn't about you and you don't need to get all up in my grill over this. However, if you do abuse this system - this post is about you - and if you are all hot and bothered by it ... I am hot and bothered by you abusing the system! What do you think of them apples?

Hmmm. I did just say we should all probably take a deep breath, didn't I? ;)

P.s. I am upping the stakes. 5,000 gold stars for anyone who can place their hands on their hips and make their elbows touch or even the attempt AND send me a photo of it. :)


You Know You’re A Dietitian…

This post has been brought to you by Avree S. Ethingtor {and this post here, where I offered to write about whatever my reader's little hearts desired!}.

To alleviate any confusion, this post may very likely not be interesting. Now, I know you see this text, and that's why you're looking. But I think it's only fair to let you know that this whole bit of text may be ultimately unfulfilling. Granted, you might feel that about other things I've written, but this time it's different. I told Avree I would talk about registered dietitians this month. So, unless you are a registered dietitian, you just might want to go read something else. Something more rewarding. A book about chickens, perhaps. I know, chickens may sound boring, but it can't be much worse than me attempting to write about something I have no clue about, can it? Besides, chickens was just a random example. I don't even know if there are any books about chickens. Well, other than "The Little Red Hen", "Chicken Little", and the novelization of "Chicken Run". But that's not the point.

The point is ...

Oh, registered dietitians.

Yes, that's right.

15 Ways To Know You’re A Dietitian
{Did I steal this from here, by doing a Google search? Why, yes. Yes, I did.}

1. When you happen to run into your friends at the grocery store, they strategically eyeball the contents of your shopping cart. {I have never ran into Avree at the grocery store, but now that I am informed I will be certain to do so as I now feel obligated. I would do it to all other dietitians I know, but Avree is the only one ... well, besides her sister whom I feel like I know ... but I really don't. I just know of her but can still recognize if I see her. A little creepy, no?}

2. When you go out to eat, your party waits to see what you order. {Never thought of this ... Which I should have! A wrap sounds so much healthier than chicken alfredo! But to my defense, it was chicken BROCCOLI alfredo!}

3. If you have ever dreamt about calories, the FGP, Kreb’s cycle, etc. {I definitely would fall to sleep faster if I thought about dreaming about those things ... I don't even know what a FGP or Kreb is!}

4. When someone finds out you’re a dietitian, you have to hear what they’ve eaten for the past two weeks. {I really just don't think Avree cares to know what has been in my belly. And I am going to assume that no one cares what has been in my belly.}

5. You can blame anything on food: "Oh, you’re not getting enough ______."

6. You can solve anything with food: "Oh, you just need some ______." {Not gonna lie, five and six sound the same to me.}

7. You special order at every restaurant! {This is kinda making me feel like dietitians not named Avree might be high maintenance!}

8. You’re either hyper-organized or super un-organized! {Uhm, can't you say this about any person in any profession? Besides, I have never heard of someone "mediocrely organized" - have you?}

9. You would be rich if you had a quarter for every time you’ve explained to a patient that you didn’t cook their food. {Having never spent a day in my life with a dietitian when they were being a dietitian, I still think this one is probably true.} :)

10. You share the same name as the Jr. High School cafeteria workers: "The Food Lady".

11. People that eat around you start out by saying "I know it’s bad."

12. You have to make special trips for treats because you wouldn’t dare keep any at home. {Uhm, I don't believe this one ... primarily because the last time I was at Avree's she made me some stellar chocolate, gooey, brownie goodness!}

13. You look at others’ plates and immediately do a calorie count. {I doubt this ... what a miserable and judgmental life they would lead, no?}

14. You duck, in attempt to conceal your identity, if you ever drive or ride through a drive-through. {I cannot attest to this ... but Avree shows her identity loud and proud every time we go out for ice cream.} :)

15. You keep family and friends from eating anything that has been in the "danger zone". {Danger Zone ... liiiike ... the goat brains I saw the models on ANTM eating last week?}

Ethingtor, enlighten us. How accurate is this?

And for everyone else ... if you want to give me a top five list of  "You know you are a  ________" filled in by your profession, I will give you 100 gold stars.

P.s. No one sent in any photographs of themselves attempting to touch their elbows together. Clarification: you don't have to actually be able to do it - I just want to see the attempt. 1,000 gold stars up for the taking in that one!


Leaps and bounds of excitement ...

It has always been a wonder to me that I have a blog.

It is even been more of a wonder that I have a blog that some people actually read.

But the is beside the point.

It's a wonder I have a blog because, I am going to state the obvious ... I don't have a husband, kids ... not even a dog.

And then add in how vague I am with the details of my life ...

It truly is a wonder that I have a blog at all.

I haven't written in about a week.

Probably because of foremention items {no husband, kids, dog and my complete inability to not be vague}.

There just hasn't been a lot going on.

Unless you want to talk about the floods here in my hometown.

Oh, what is that? You totally want me to talk about the flooding?


See the river?

Remember how it is actually the street?
The river banks gave way and turned streets into rivers as well as ...

turned fields into lakes/ponds.

There was actually someone rafting in this field.
For those of you who weren't completely riveted by the flood talk, your other option of excitement in my past week is to talk about these:

Yup. My new tires.

THAT is how exciting my life has been - it sums it up just about perfectly.

And yes, you all did just waste three minutes of your life reading about floods and looking at a picture of one of my four new tires. And that is three minutes you can never get back. How do ya feel about that? Because, somehow I personally find satisfaction in it. ;)

Well, I am off to my riveting and mind-boggling fun life.

Peace out, boy scout.



Every time something bad is going to happen to my car, I know it.

I know it because I get this unexplicable rush of gratitude for being able to have a car.

I realize it might sound ridiculous to have such gratitude for a piece of metal, but it's true nonetheless.

The first time I felt extreme rush of gratitude {don't get me wrong, I am always grateful to be able to have a car, but I am talking about a flood of gratitude - an overwhelming flood of gratitude!} was May 6, 2006 ... the day of my college graduation {that I didn't attend, but that is beside the point}.

It also happened to be the day that I wrecked Eddie.


Two days ago I felt the unbounded gratitude and immediately thought, "Please! Please, no!"

And yesterday ... it happened.

Wilson decided it was fun to have reverse mean reverse as well as have park mean reverse.

What should have been an 80 dollah charge to tighten a screw ended up turning into an estimate of $2300.

One word: ouch.

I am beginning to really, really stronly dislike this gratitude for my cars thing.

It just isn't working out to my benefit.

But truth be told ... I am still grateful.

I am grateful because my parents' have an extra car that I have been able to use. Okay, who I am kidding? It's a truck. I can hardly park it and it doesn't have a scan button. ;) But it is so wonderful to have one less concern what the unexpected happens.

I am grateful also that Wilson wanted to go into reverse while in park ... because it allowed for me to find out that everytime I was getting into my car I was practically going on a suicide mission. How wonderful to find that out before something horrible happened.

And lastly, while I am uber-bugged to have to fork out moola that could be nicely sitting in my bank account, buying me 765 pairs of cute new shoes, or taking me on a fabulous vacay somewhere - I realized I am just grateful that I had the money to help Wilson in the first place. So even though I didn't not - DID NOT - want to spend money on this, I am just grateful I had the money to spend on it.

Oh, I lied.

America's Next Top Model is on in the background and I also must express my gratitude that I have never eaten a goat's head, brains or eyeballs.  I am dry heaving now just thinking about it.

And with that, I shall peace out. And change the station.

P.s. Look at my torso.


Look what I can do!

Today is a day where Facebook and blogs are flooded with tributes to mothers and/or thoughts on motherhood from young mamas.

My mom doesn't have a FB account nor do the blogging thing.

Annnnnd I cannot tell you how my bebe made me a mother or any thoughts on being a mother {and I wonder if I ever will}.

On a day where I feel leaps and bounds behind everyone my age and people years and years younger ... I am reminded that at least I can do this:

And then suddenly I am reminded, because believe it or not I had forgotten for 12 or so hours, that I am still a big deal. You may have birthed another human being ... But, I ... I can make my elbows touch while placing my hands on my hips. And I dare you to match that feat. In fact, this a clarion call to all of my readers to please, please send in photo of yourself attempting this. You will get 1,000 gold stars if you do.


And, I repeat, verbatim from last year's post on Mother's Day and the Mother's Day the year before that, " ...and you thought I'd have some crazy Mother's Day tribute posted today. That'd be super nice and fancy and all ... but my mom doesn't read my blog ... So, I don't think it's the most brilliant idea to tribute her here. No, no ... I will wait to do so in person. In song, dance, and puppet show. But for what it's worth ... my mom is soooo better than your mom. ;)


Look at my thumb ...

Gee, you're dumb.

Look at my pinkie.

 Gee, you're stinky.

Look at my birdie.

Gee, you're nerdy.

My brother may or may not have taught me those little rhymes when I was a wee-lass.

So, if you are offended, blame him.

But my point of these writings today is not to offend you.

It's really to discuss my thumb.

Go look at it.

Can you see that hangnail??

It hurts super bad when I push on it.

Some might say, "Well, then don't push on it!"

And I would say, "But I am compelled to! Compelled!"

It's an Autistic tendency I have, to find all the abnormalities and be occupied with them until they return to a normality.

Have I mentioned that I am grumpy?

I don't think the hangnail made me grumpy.

But it certainly didn't help.

Have you noticed I cannot be bothered with paragraphs lately?

One-line sentences are pleasing to me.

But not pleasing enough to make me entirely un-grumpy.

Wanna know what can really melt away my grumpiness?

When I look at this photo.

And am reminded of who gave these little flowers to me - one of my clients - and the excitement he had in giving them to me.

One day, when this life has come and passed, I believe that I will be blessed to have many conversations with this client {as well as all my others}. And among the things we will discuss will be my unbounded gratitude for his love and kindness, not just on this day, but every day ... my unbounded gratitude to know that he cared for me, even on my grumpy days.


This post was not supposed to ungrumpify me.

But how could those flowers from such a sweetheart not ungrumpify anyone?

So even though this post was supposed to be about my horrific hangnail and my grumpiness ... It's not. It's about those flowers and the sweetheart who gave them to me ... and a wish that you too have someone in your life that can melt away all grumpifcation.

P.S. My roommate is talking about a fly flying up her nose, taking an 80 degree turn and somehow ending up in her zygomatic process of the temporal bone.


Abnormality, you bet.

Focus on the flowers ... Focus on the flowers ... Focus on the flowers.


"And conquer we must, when our cause is just." - Star Spangled Banner
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