Just sayin' ...


You tell me ...

What is the best part of this amasing photo?

P.S. A video of this monster drunk can be seen here.


I would give a photo credit, but I am not sure where it came from. Brother-in-law gave it to me.


I want to ...

bungee-jump off the Stratosphere.

I will be in Vegas in about two weeks to watch my Aggies win the WAC Tournament. Annnd while there, I want to jump off the Stratosphere.

Problem is ... It's one-hundred dollah.

The question is ... is it worth it? I will be making my decision based on the responses I get from my lovely blog readers and comments left on my current Facebook status. Feel free to leave your two cents. Literally and figuratively. After all, if I am going to do it, I will take donations. ;)

I have gone sky diving and looooved it. It was only 50 dollah more. I guess that's where my question comes in of spending 100 for just jumping. :)


Look what I got ...

for Valentine's Day.

An extremely personal valentine from JB.


Unfortunately for my roommate, this is all JB had to say to her:

Really? Is it just me or is that like the last thing you want to be told by your love on Valentine's Day? Poor roommate, she got a "just friends" card pulled on her ... from JB.

But not me. Remember, Justin Bieber wants me to be his.

Those 12-year-old girls who had this conversation at Old Navy are gonna be so jealous.

And so is the person who wrote this on the Oregon coast beach.

As are the BYU fans who have mistakenly thought Jimmer Fredette as JB.

Speaking of Jimmer ... did you hear about this? Ha ha ha ha!! I hope an Aggie did it. :)

Speaking of Aggies, look what I got for Valentine's Day:

Do I have the best brother-in-law in the world? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

But back to Bieber, a big shout out to JaredHonda {I say his name like it is one word} for delivering these valentines to us from JB.

I realize I have had four posts about Justin Bieber since October. Uhm ... the thing is, I know he sings a song that says, "baby" in it 8,78,375,845.9 times, and that adolescent and not-so-adolescent girls are in love with him, but that is all.


Mindy M. Thornley, MD

Do you know what that little MD stands for?

Try Doctor of Medicine.

... Which makes you think it should be DM.

But that is beside the point.

I went to the local Instacare yesterday for angry Mr. Achilles.

First off, the waiting room was hecka full. I estimated about four kjillion people there.

After giving the receptionist my name and ailment "pain in Achilles" {I didn't think this would be the appropriate place to diagnosis myself ... which may or may not hint to you that I had every intention of diagnosing myself at some point in this process} I sat down in one of the chairs. Carefully planning out not to sit next to anyone. It's an instacare, people! Full of bonefide sickies {which, clearly I was not}.

I pull out my new smart phone {one guess on what color it is} and decide to check email, play on Facebook, you know - the works. Perplexed is what I was when I wasn't able to acquire internet access at all. I then happen to see a sign that read, "To serve you better we ask that you refrain from cellphone useage during your office visit."

While those were the actual words on the sign, I read it as, "Playing with your cellphone while you wait for upteen billion hours sounds like fun for you, which is the last thing a visit to the doctor should be, so we have disabled all internet connection in our building."


It was about at this point that a new sickie came in and sat super close to me. Ew. Her body was lounging limply on the chair with her head turned in my general direction. I repeat: ew, while thinking, "Please don't breath on me. Please don't breath on me."

Not gonna lie, it was at this point that I moved over a chair.

As I sat and waited I observed.

And I saw a woman who looked like she was wearing a bullet proof vest.

And I couldn't help but notice a tragedy of all tragedies: people who arrived after I did were getting called back to the exam rooms before me.

First person: was a stealth and healthy looking man who had a t-shirt that said USU Track & Field on it. Pff. Fine. Although, it did make me think that retired USU athletes should still get special privileges. Hey, it's hard to get them and then be stripped of them, okay?

Second person: a teenage girl who was laughing with her mom while waiting. She clearly did not need to go before me.

Third person: Okay, okay ... this woman was arguably 100-years-old and looked like she was dying. I suppose she can go in front of me.

Fourth: the woman who was breathing on me. Ew. Fine, send her and her contaminated air away from me.

Lesson learned: ailment is clearly takes priority over pain. Buuut, I should have realized this two years ago {which was the last time I was at instacare, also for angry Mr. Achilles} when I saw a man with shards of metal in his hand wait longer than anyone else in the room, including myself. I did say to the nurse that day, "Uh, this guy can take my turn, he looks like he needs some assistance." My offer was rejected and so shard-metal-hand-man continued to wait.

But that's me going off on a tangent ...

When they finally do call me in to the back and I enter the triage room, I may have accidentally audibly said, "Ew. I forgot about this."

The nurse was still pleasant and asked me to get on the scale, which I promptly respond, "I don't like seeing how much I weigh."

"Okay, hon. I will make sure that doesn't happen."

Heart rate taken? Check.

Blood pressure? Check.

Temperature? Check.

These are all clearly very vital things to do when I have pain in my Achilles, no? Vital. To take vitals. Har har har.

I finally was led to an exam room. Boredom ensued.

Two hours after I had originally arrived this went down:

Doctor enters.

Doc: So, you are experiencing some pain in your Achilles?

Mindy: Yes, it's tendinitis and only hurts when I run. And I will be honest, I am irritated that it's irritated.

Doc: Have you had this before?

Mindy: Yes, about two years ago.

Doc: And what do you do for it?

Mindy: I heat it before I run. Ice it after. And last time I was given an anti-inflammatory topical that is made at the compound pharmacy in Smithfield.

Doc: And that worked?

Mindy: Yes. I loved it.

Doc: Would you like that again?

Mindy: Yes, I would.

Doc: Okay, let me go get that prescription in.

Doctor exits.

Doctor returns about 67 seconds later. Hands me a sheet of paper.

Him: Here are some stretches you can do, but you probably already do them.

Mindy: Yes, yes I do. But this paper is fancy and I will enjoy reading it. Thank you.

So, this massive post exists today to tell you this: Yesterday, for a mere 20 dollah, I got to spend two hours in the instacare. Two of those minutes were actually spent with the physician, where I diagnosed myself and prescribed my own medication.

It was wonderful.


Love is in the air ...

At least for some peeps.

And if you are not one of those peeps, here are some key pointers on how to fall in love, courtesy of Hollywood:

1. Don't be too picky. Too tall. Not enough hair. Not enough money. Not actually a human. A name you don't like. These things actually don't matter at all. If Belle can fall for a BEAST who's name is BEAST, we can love someone who wears socks with sandals, right? Beauty & the Beast, Twighlight, Splash, Edward Scissor Hands.

2. It's okay to lie. About your profession. Your debt. Who you are. The fact that you are courting them to win a bet ... Thank you, Confessions of a Shopaholic, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, You've Got Mail, Aladdin, Failure to Launch, Never Been Kissed, Ever After, Over Board, The Beautician and the Beast. 

3. To find your true love it works well to be in a relationship with someone else first ... even if you or they are a two-timer and you totally destroy someone else's heart that is okay if it is all in the name of love. And somehow the viewer will not think you're a scumbag, even though two-timers are. Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted, America's Sweethearts, Made of Honor, Only You.

4. One big gesture generally makes up for everything you did wrong. Generally this gesture is singing. High School Musical, Music & Lyrics, Pure Country, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Hope Floats.

5. Those you think you despise are actually going to be the one you love the most. You've Got Mail, Anastasia, 27 Dresses, Australia, French Kiss, The Proposal, One Fine Day, What Happens in Vegas, Letters to Juliet, The Graduate.

6. Knowing each other well or knowing each other for longer than a day is not as important as one might think. Don't know them at all? No worries, it can still be love and result in happily ever after. Sleepless in Seattle, Titanic, One Fine Day, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, While You Were Sleeping, When in Rome.

7. True.love.does.conquer.all. Including fire-breathing dragons. DEATH. Large giants. Sea Beasts. Gaston {which is saying a lot}. And anything else you can think of. Sleeping Beauty, The Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge, Dear John.

8. Just as it is important not to care if the person you fall in love with is actually a human, it is also not a deal breaker if the person is DEAD or ABOUT DEAD. Ghosts, City of Angels, Just Like Heaven, Somewhere in Time, While You Were Sleeping.

9. It's easy to fall in love if you randomly keep running into the person. You've Got Mail, Serendipity, A Lot Like Love, When Harry Met Sally, It Could Happen to You.

10. You will fall in love if you have attended a wedding or have helped plan a wedding. Wedding Planner, Wedding Date, Wedding Planner, Four Weddings and a Funeral, My Best Friend's Wedding, Runaway Bride, The Wedding Singer.

11. Laws of nature need not apply. Kate & Leopold, The Time Traveler's Wife, Just Like Heaven, The Lake House, Love Potion Number Nine, Somewhere in Time, Enchanted.

12. If you dance, the chances of you falling in love increase 98.7%. Dirty Dancing, Dance with Me, Center Stage, Strictly Ballroom, Step it Up, Dancing with Wolves, Cutting Edge, Grease, Save the Last Dance

13. High school is a great place to fall in love ... a.love.that.will.neverd.die! High School Musical, Grease, Juno, Hannah Montana, Lizzy McGuire, The Perfect Man, Cinderella Story, A Walk to Remember, 10 Things I Hate About You.

14. Set your aim high. It is easier to fall in love with royalty than you might think. The Prince & Me, The Princess Diaries, What a Girl Wants, Beautician & the Beast.

15. If you don't know actual royalty, dating the President's daughter is a pretty good bet for love. Or anyone else who is otherwise famous. Chasing Liberty, First Daughter, My Date with the President's Daughter, Notting Hill, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Wimbledon, The King & I, The American President.

16. Don't worry if he is a scumbag. Your love for him will change him. A Walk to Remember, Made of Honor, French Kiss, Moon Struck, Beauty & the Beast, the King & I, The Cutting Edge.
So, get to it!


No need to thank me, just throw money in my general direction.

Oh, and don't give me any grief about The Notebook not making the list. I am just not sure where it fit. ;)


No, I have not seen all these movies. Especially not the rated-R ones. I generally don't watch movies. I think I know about most movies BECAUSE I cannot be bothered with them I ask others for the general premises of them.


I am so ready ...

for this week to be OVER.

It's just been one of those weeks.

To use a term I learned from my brother, it's been the week from "L".

Har. Har. Get it? I hope that wasn't too inappropriate for your eyes and mind.

Here's the run-down:


I found out that I had offended someone royally. In all honesty, I felt like {and still feel like} I did nothing wrong whatsoever. In fact, what was perceived to this person were words I never spoke and ideas I never even implied.


I found out that I had offended two someones royally. I spent a great deal of Sunday evening and Monday reflecting on what I could have possibly done for this to be a result of my actions. I am still left completely clueless.


My brother-in-law returned to the hospital.

Perk: I got to spend an entire evening with my nephews, it was fantastical.

But unplanned.

And I slept about two hours.


1. My windshield wipers froze to my windshield. Try as I might to be delicate with the unfreezing process, the wiper broke. It now makes a scratching noise {metal against glass, awesome} when I use them. I figured after work I would go buy some more. Oh, how foolish I was to think I would have time to do anything I wanted or needed to do after work ...

2. With 40 minutes left at work I am informed that I need to have a resume, my college transcripts, and a evaluation letter from an internship I had all turned in the following morning ... Yes, for a job I have had for three years.

Nevermind the fact that to order official transcripts at USU can take days and some serious dough. Nevermind that I hadn't logged onto Banner/Access for five years. Yes, five years.

Nevermind that the evaluation letter for my internship was also written five years ago.

Come on, peeps. After I receive my diploma should I really need to keep things that got me my diploma? Doesn't the diploma say it all?

I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, scrambling to put this lil' packet together.

3. I broke my bedroom blinds ... as in I pulled the little string, just as I always do, to close them so no one will see my nakedness as I get into my pajamas and the entire structure FELL to the floor. Try as I might, Mindy and all the king's men couldn't put the blinds back together again. Frown.

4. Sigh.

My Aggies lost. Ranked No. 17 in the nation. 17-game winning streak. Having s school and league record of 25 straight conference wins ... and they lost. To Idaho.

Stew summed it up well, "We missed the easy shots. We missed the difficult shots. We missed the open shots. We missed the contested shots. We just missed a lot of shots."

33% for FG. And 17% at the three. I do not think that will win you any game anywhere. P.s. If you understand what the first two fragmented sentences of this paragraph mean, give yourselves 50 gold stars.


1. I lost my car keys at work. I looked in my bag 15 times. YES. 15. I counted. I took everything out. I shook it, I held it upside.

I checked every drawer in my desk.

I checked under the donuts in my "inbox" trey.

I looked in the flower pot.

I interrogated the usual suspects of who would play a little trick on me.


I had my car doors unlocked to see if they were lost inside. $40 dollars later. Nothing.

I got my key code from the dealership and instructed the locksmith to create a key. $100 dollars gone outta my pocket.

Nevermind that I wouldn't be able to replace my house key, my parents' house key, and the Church keys {no, not the Priesthood keys ... just the ones that actually get you into the building, cupboards and the clerk's office}.

And then ... the keys showed up. Shoved in an obscure little pocket in my bag ... that I know I had not placed them in.

2. A friend and I took a client to go swimming and out to dinner after work, just for fun. She lives in the boonies {read as: the middle of no where!}. After we dropped her off, I got onto the freeway to head home. Having never driven that stretch of freeway before, I missed the exit and I am pretty sure I drove myself and my friend to Idaho. With no exits in sight until Pocatello. Whatev.

3. Four billion hours later we return home ... to find I have lost 40 dollah cash.


I ran out of my fancy contact solution the night before. What does this mean? It means it looks like I dressed my eyeballs up for our Valentine's Day party that is taking place today. They are flaming red.

And my arm fell off.

And my car keys ended up in that obscure little pocket again ... which, I did not place them in.

Okay, the second part is a lie. And the first and third parts ain't so bad. Buuut, still. I am just so ready for this week to be over!

However, I did eat Chik-fil-a tonight. And the flowers on the right side of my blog are pretty and make me happy. So, I will keep on, keeping on. Word.


The diet ...

Text received from roommate: Mindy, we're all going to start a diet. 15/6. 15 grams of sugar. 6 servings of whole grains.

Mindy: Who is doing this?

Roommate: All of us. As roommates.

Mindy: Yeah. No.

Even with me out, the other three roommates were still on board {well, one was. The other two were just "pretending" to be}. The roommate who actually was on board wrote this reminder on the memo board in our kitchen in the morning:

Now, not being in the know-how, I didnt know the details, but I did realize something wasn't going quite right for the roommate when I saw this later that night:

And then in true diet fashion, I found this on the board "TOMORROW" ...

Dirty darn. Another failed diet? I think so. Here's the thing peeps, take this as a lesson learned: You cannot fail a diet you never start. And I ... have never failed a diet. Ever. Just sayin'. But you, you do as you wish. Peace out.


Tonight ...

He went back into the hospital.

This means I fed the kids.

Cleaned up the dirty dishes.

Washed the dirt off the floor that the neighbor kids left.

Helped with homework.

Broke up several fights that were clearly over life and death situations such as who got to call their friend first.

Attempted to and successfully reasoned with an 11-year old and an eight-year old. Simultaneously.

Gave the cat a little TLC.

Allotted a limited amount of time to video/computer games.

Sent them into the shower {just the kids, not the cat}.

Had part of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw read to me.

Knelt together and said prayers.

Tucked them into bed.

Nearly kissed the cheeks right off their faces in the process.

Picked up their clothes and towels left on the bathrom floor.

Re-cleaned the floor where their shoes were leaving the dirt this time.

Oh, and then blogged about it.

I sound like a real, bonefide mom ... no?

The only thing I did not do was have the prep-talk to the maturation program, which is occurring at school tomorrow for the 11-year-old. I left that for his mother to have with him whenever she returns from the hospital. That is where I will always draw the line.

P.s. The head of the 11-year-old's head is 60 cm. The eight-year-old's is 59cm. ;)


I'm sorry your life sucks ...

And I really am. Because it's probably my fault.

At least that is what I am learning in 2011 ... that most of people's problems in life are my fault.

For example, when someone has a mistress it is not their fault they have a mistress. It's mine.

Or ... say someone made a very poor choice/a plethora of many poor choices in their lives ... Before I even met them or knew them. This is also my fault.

But let's look on the bright side, when something bad or naughty happens to you, you have no need for feeling guilty. Just blame me and you will feel better in a snap. Or maybe a blink of an eye even.

I hereby dedicate this blog post and its comments section for YOU to blame me for whatever is going wrong in your life. However, it should be noted that this offer is only valid through December 31, 2011 at 11:59pm, at which point you will actually have to resume taking responsiblity for your poor choices and all other accompanying suckiness* in your own life.

But until then ... live it on up on my tab! And have fun with some of that new-found, guiltless freedom! :)

*This is generally not a word I use, nor any other form of this word. I actually don't recall ever having used it or any other form of it . You will probably never see that word typed by me again, and heaven knows you will never hear me actually say it.



My computer at work makes this horrible, awful humming noise.

Remember how well I do with misplaced noises?


Kinda drives me nuts.

So, what do I do to get rid of it?

I listen to Pandora.

Remember how I don't have a Pandora account?

But remember how BFF {yeah, remember him?} does?

And remember how BFF logged onto my computer at work three years ago to play a song for his client on Pandora.

Remember how his account and password are permanently stored into my computer?

Remember how I have done the deleting of passwords, internet history, temporary internet files, cookies, everything ... And yet, that password is resolute?

Soooo ... back to the humming and listening to Pandora to get rid of the humming ... I kinda do what I want to his Pandora account. Add new stations. Dislike songs. Like songs. The whole works.

Do I feel guilty about this? Not.one.bit.

Besides, we essentially have the exact same taste in music. So in reality, I am doing him a favor, no?

Why am I telling you this?

I am not sure.

Maybe it's because I feel mischievous. And I like it.

P.s. If you create a Josh Groban station, don't be surprised if it just turns into a Disney station. It plays more Disney songs that Josh Groban. But since apparently people who like Josh Groban will like Disney songs, it's all good.


Quite the stir ...

So, I've been hearing a lot lately about this article.

Truth be told, I haven't read it.

I realize it's probably two pages or less worth of reading. But, not gonna lie: I just cannot be bothered with it. Plus, I feel I've gotten the gist of it from Facebook posts and reading others' blogs about it.

Speaking of bothered, I think I am bothered that people are bothered by Mormons who try to make everything sound perky. Have you ever read a Debbie Downer blog? Where every post is about how depressing their life is and how everything is going wrong? I have. And guess what? It's depressing. And personally, I don't like feeling depressed so I just cannot be bothered with it {key point: every post was down. EVERY post}. Honestly, I'd take an attempt-to-be-happy blog any day over a Debbie Downer every post.

Another truth be told: I don't read Nie Nie. I don't read C Jane. I never read Seriously So Blessed. And not because they are happy Mormon blogs {or parodies of happy Mormon blogs}. Rather, they just don't tickle my fancy {notice how I didn't even link you to them! I.am.such.a.little.jerk!}.

I obviously am not too concerned about being labeled a happy Mormon blogger ... Which is ironic because I am a Mormon. And I am happy. Buuuut, I have never started off any post with "My bebe turned three years old today!" or had to give you the circumference of my child's head. Nor have I ever had my husband "sneak"onto my blog to tell you all how amazing I am.

Buuut, I have wondered if people think I sugar coat things to make my CLEARLY non-perfect life better. Just in case I have, let's clear that up right now. :)

* I don't sew. I can sew. But I don't. Unless you count Lola. So no cute aprons or making my own skirts. Yes, I spend money buying those things at the store. Well, except the apron. I didn't have to buy that. Because Whit made me the most adorable apron and anytime I "pretend" to cook, I wear it.

* I don't make fancy cakes for birthdays or any other celebration. I really don't cook or bake anything. Unless we want this to happen. And I have no desire to. Would that make me a horrible mom if my child {whom may or may never exist in this life} has to celebrate with a store-bought cake?

* I have never once made anything for my home. Never. I don't really have any plans to either. Ever. I am not really crafty, per se.

* As if being waaay closer to 30 than 20, LDS, single and living in Logan, Utah wasn't enough ... I may have found out last week that the guy I may or may not have been dating for the last four months decided to have a "mistress" on the side for the last month of that. I may or may not have said to him, "Peace out, boy scout." I say may or may not because I want to create doubt in your mind of this actually occurring because if I straight up told you, that would be Mindy not being vague. And we cannot have that, now can we? And if this story is still true, he is still dating the mistress. Awesome.

* I don't know how to take fancy photographs. I point.and.shoot. The end. I don't edit the photos to make them look fancy, I don't know how. I don't even own Photoshop. Gasp. I wish I just knew how to do all of that. I have no desire to learn. Sometimes that makes me feel like a loser to say that phrase, "I have no desire to learn."

* I don't scrapbook. I blame Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants for this one. Her scrapbooking skillz are mad. And I would be so displeased with how mine would turned out because I would know they could be better. Like hers. Maybe my blog is my attempt to escape scrapbooking? Wow. Epiphany of all epiphany's. Which ironically enough, rhymes with Tiffany. Muwahaha!

* I don't put together uber-cute bridal or bebe shower gifts {you know, like that one where you put diapers together that look like a cake?}. Who are we kidding? Consider yourself lucky if you even get me to your bridal/bebe shower ... Or your reception for that matter. Not because I don't want to go ... but for two consecutive years I counted how many wedding reception invitations I had received. Over 50. Each year. So, I can spend my time going to wedding receptions every weekend, or spend that time trying to make a wedding reception occur for myself. Okay, half-lie. I am probably not doing that either. Buuut, most times I cannot even bring myself to attend the event, let alone make some uber-cute gift for it.

* I generally don't attend ward prayer. Oh, how to describe ward prayer. It is an activity that occurs exclusively in singles ward of the Church. Every Sunday night, we all gather together after our Sunday meetings have long finished and we mix and mingle. There is a hymn sung, a get-to-know-you type thing done, a spiritual thought and ... a prayer. :) I generally don't attend because this activity is not actually in the Church handbook ... so I question it's existence and my involvement in it. Plus, the get-to-know-you thing is actually one member sharing a talent they have. A tomahawk-type weapon thing is given out to a new person each week, which determines who will share their talent {the tomahawk thing is ward specific, and I don't know why such a random item [particularly a dull-edged weapon, which is better than a sharp-edged weapon] was chosen}, so all you non-Mormons reading this blog, we aren't that weird. But my point is this: if I was ever given the tomahawk weapon, indicating I had to share a talent ... I would have nothing to share. Really.

* AND: I should have re-painted my toenails like two weeks ago ... but I am just straight up lazy and haven't done it. It wouldn't be so bad if this was the first time I let them go way too long, but it's not. The nail polish looks ugly, hence making my toes look ugly. Yes. I have ugly toenails. How on this green earth could I be a happy Mormon blogger with a perfect life with ugly toenails? That's exactly it. I can't be.

Soo, with this long-winded post ... there you have it, folks. This is why I am not perfect. This is why I do not fit into the happy Mormon blogging world ... since I knew you were all wondering about that. I do what I can to oblige my three readers who leave comments these days. ;)


My favorite goodbye ...

Four years ago today I said, "Peace out, boy scout!" to Provo, Utah after living there for six excruciating months. I am just not too sure Provo is the place for any little true-blooded Aggie to live and survive. But that is beside the point.

The point is this, as soon as Adam heard I was moving I received this via email, affectionately called The List:

Section 1.0 The following is a list of activities that Mindy Marie Thornley must do to before she has the right to leave Provo. She has the intent to leave Provo and return to her home town of Logan, UT.

Section 1.1 The following list is not comprehensive and the creator reserves the right to add to or take away from this list at any time.

Section 1.11 Mindy Marie Thornley, must also note that these list items may not be done by herself or with the same person (unless accompanied by a “different person” you have not completed a list item with).

Section 1.2 The description of a "different person" or persons is:
Not one of your immediate friends
Someone you have never met before
Someone who is wearing an article of BYU clothing that you don’t otherwise know
A long lost friend
A USU student that doesn’t know who you are
Someone with whom you have not made contact with ever (verbally or physically)
Someone that you have not spoken to
Someone that you like but have not spoken too
A grocery store clerk
A neighboring car driver

This description is comprehensive. Please refer to your commonsense.

Section 1.21 Mindy may or may not choose her immediate friends to accompany her throughout the list completion process. Her immediate friends may count as a different person ONCE.

Section 1.22 While completing a list item in a group of friends, and if the list item only requires one “different person” present, Mindy may choose one of the people and use any of the others again if not previously used.

Section 2.0 A reasonable amount of time is more than, but not limited to one hour.

1. Eat a meal at the Morris Center

2. Organize a bonfire up Provo Canyon with at least 10 people

Because the weather outside was frightful, Adam let me veto the bonfire. It was the end of January at an elevation of 5,000 feet. What were you thinking?

3. Buy BYU paraphernalia at the BYU bookstore

And what did I buy?

4. Go to the Provo City offices and tell them how much you love Provo.

5. Verbally acknowledge to a different person, in natural conversation, that BYU is better than USU and state more than one valid reason why

6. Eat a meal at the Canyon Center

7. Stay on BYU campus longer than an hour while maintaining positive thoughts about BYU for the WHOLE TIME! (Any deviation from positive thoughts will result in a restart of the one hour time limit).

I opted to go to Memorial Hall ... and knew I could keep out the negative thoughts only by ...

Taking a nap for the hour. :)

8. Write a letter to the “Daily Universe” detailing, in all truthfulness, something positive about BYU or Provo. The topic must be relevantly related and interesting to read. Normal sentence structure and spelling is required.

9. Convert (or dedicate a reasonable amount of time) a USU student to thinking BYU is actually a good school. They must not know you have been "required" to tell them these positive thing.

Clearly, I am convinced with every word I am telling them.

10. Attend an endowment session in the Provo Temple

11. Tell the people you work with how much you love Provo.

12. Tell one BYU student (that is not creepy or otherwise weird) that you would love to go on a date with them. NB: This student must be someone that you do not otherwise associate with aka a “different person” – refer to section 1.2

Yeah, this one clearly went over well.

13. Make a BYU Blue cake with a big white “Y” in the middle and give it to Bishop.

He loved it. He tried to express the magnitude of this moment ... A die-hard Aggie making a BYU cake. Sigh.

14. Eat a meal in the “Cougareat”. This activity requires you to sit down at a table with someone you have not met and make conversation.

15. Go into the ASB and retrieve the forms to apply to the Masters Program at BYU. You must fill these forms out. Openly admit your desire to attend BYU on Facebook. If asked why, tell the you are getting the forms to apply.

Yes, I did fill out all 18 pages.

When I was finished I might have done this with them ...

16. Create a "List Appreciation" day on your holiday calendar

17. Get the phone number of a "different person" of the opposite sex and call the (or have them call you). You must either have a one minute conversation with this person on the phone or leave a 30 second message.

18. Write a letter to a missionary in another state or country telling them how much fun you've had since being at BYU.

19. Exercise on campus in the BYU gym

... I had to prepare myself for this ... which Aggie shirt to wear?

And in case it gets cold, I better have a long-sleeve.

Maybe a hoodie too.

And pants.

And a beanie.

And if I got too warm, I would need to put all those extra clothes in something.

We finally did make it.

20. Take a walk along the Provo River Trail

21. Take a BYU guided tour – refer to the BYU Visitors Center

22. Find and learn the words to the BYU fight song

This is me memorizing them. Pff.

23. Go into the Utah County Offices and calendar.tell a staff member that you “absolutely adore Provo”

24. For one week, whenever you walk into a store in Provo or Orem, tell the staff that they are doing a great job and that you love Provo!

Yes, this is me at the DI ... I had to buy something for the next task ...

25. Hold an "I love BYU and Provo" dinner in your home and invite more than 10 “different persons” – Refer to section 1.2. At least five people must attend. Five of these different persons in attendance may not be used again.

The last time I ever spent time with Craig.

Can you see my homemade t-shirt? I heart Provo because YOU live here!

And I sure do love all these people!

26. The crowning event: Hike the Y. Once at the top you must yell or sing by memory, the BYU Fight Song! Ra ra ra ra ra!

I had to prepare my lips for the cold. Notice the brand of chapstick?

Here we are hiking up the bloody trail. And I literally mean bloody. There was drops of blood part of the way up. Can you say, "Super gross?"

Adam was pleased to find this stick.

Shaped like a Y while hiking the "Y".

We finally made it to the top! Where I did sing the BYU Fight Song by memory.

My roommate Amy was a pal and made the trek with us. Many times she was one of my saving graces during those six months in Provo. I don't know if she ever knew that.

And after all was said and done ... I was able to do this ...

Load up Eddie and drive home. One.of.the.best.moments.in.my.life.

Several months later, I got a surprise in the mail. A BYU Boot Camp certificate of competition ... signed by BYU President Samuelson and President of the United State of America, George W. Bush {Photo will be included when I can find where I saved it to!}. :)

Word to Adam. And word to my favorite goodbye. And word to you if you actually read all of this. 500 gold stars to you. :)

Below you will see the actual letter I sent to the BYU school newspaper. :)
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