When auto-correct ruins your life ...

Brookie had a birthday, so we shouted hooray!

To express her appreciation for all those who shouted hooray, she wrote the following Facebook status, "Thanks for all the Birthdayness everyone! I had a great day and got spoiled by Adam!"

P.s. Adam is her husband.

I respond with, "I love it when Adam spoils me for my birthday."

I was a little surprised when the next person who responded said, "TMI!"

I was more than a little confused. I didn't know how Brooke's status was inappropriate, because I knew

mine certainly was not. 

I returned to it to see if I had read her status wrong or was missing some secret, hidden married

implication and no, I was sure I hadn't.


I then looked at what I wrote, because I thought it was clever.

THAT is when I realized I had not said, "I love it when Adam spoils me for my birthday."

No, no.

Auto-correct had opted to help me out a little. Resulting in:

"I love it when Adam soils me for my birthday."

And this is why we love auto-correct.

I cannot decide which is better, this one or the time when I texted, "No worries" and it came out as "No



Katie Jane said...


Melissa said...

I love auto-correct mistakes...I'm still laughing.

Shan said...

Thank you for the laugh today!!

Meg said...

That is funny. This is why I try to always reread texts before I send them. I am rather paranoid that my phone will say something I didn't intend. :)

Summer said...

BAHAHAHAHA this was awesome! laughing so hard right now. those are both hilarious instances!!

Jamie said...

Haha! Love it! How awkward!

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