Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

When I hear that song being sung, my only thought is this, "Why are you talking to a Christmas tree??"

It reminds me of that Bruno Mars song, "Grenade" where he sings, "I'd catch a grenade for you." First off, why are you dating in a war zone? Where are you that you are having grenades being thrown at you?

But I digress.

Christmas was celebrated!

After our annual Christmas Eve dinner, we played games.

I was in charge of the ... random facts game? Where I would ask crasy questions that no one would know the answers to, provide multiple choice answers annnd, that was it.

P.S. I may or may not have fed Nephew 2 the answers in advance. 

But that is besides the point.

I specifically asked some cow questions. Yup. Cow questions.

My dad and uncle grew up on a dairy farm. They worked the farm for 40 years {in fact, the uncle still farms the land and raises baby cows for people}.

I wanted to see brother vs. brother who knew the answer: How many stomach compartments does a cow have?

It played out as well as it could have: two professional dairy farmers, two separate answers. Who was right? Sorry, Dad. Trumped by big brother! Cows have four stomach compartments (D), not three (C). :)

Melissa was in charge of the Pictionary game. 

Who an guess what brother-in-law Shteve drew? The green little goblin at the bottom of the page? And then, of course, can you guess what I had to draw {bottom right}. 

We also played a little Christmas Bingo.

Which I didn't win a single Bingo or blackout with. But, I did enjoy eating the markers.

We also played the candy bar game.

Which, I didn't win a single candy bar at.

Buuuut, I 'spose that is okay because I had a bedazzled shirt on.

And how can anything be that bad while wearing a bedazzled shirt?

That's right, it can't.

Hopefully your Christmas was as merry {and bedazzled!} as ours!

Bring on the New Year!


Erica said...

You look so pretty Mindy! I love your bedazzled shirt and your hair looks beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Meg said...

I'm guessing you drew rudolph. (A deer, of course.) I'm not sure what the green goblin is. Shrek?

Looks like your Christmas was great!

Whitney B. said...

What a hottie! The Thornley Family is one of my favorite families! So wonderful to see them all! What a beautiful decorated tree! That mother of yours :)

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