My cup of tea ...

I think I went to my first tea party last week.

I think. I mean ... I don't remember attending any other tea parties in my long-legged life, so this has to my first. Right?

We arrived to adorable cards with our names on them.

They were so cute we had to take a photograph with them.

Annnd, the letters on our seating cards glittered. 

I think it goes without saying how I feel about things that are glitterfied.

But I will say it anyway. Love, love.

Because it was a church activity, we didn't really have tea.

We had hot chocolate and wassail.

I think it goes without saying which beverage I chose.

But I will say it anyway. Hot chocolate.


I even got the pinky thing down right while holding the tea cup.

Speaking of the tea cup, it was half the size of my hand.

I will not go into how that makes me feel.

Okay, I will. It make me feel like I have man hands. Buuut, I can fit my entire fist in my mouth. So that tells me I don't have man hands. Either that or that I have a really, really large mouth!

But I digress.

Back to the tea party.

I have never been one to before. Wait, I already said that. BUT!!! Since I have never been to one, I didn't know what it entailed exactly.

But what I learned is that it entails mini-foods. Lots and lots of mini-foods.

13 separate kinds of mini-foods. 

Mini-foods that we could go back for seconds, thirds, fourths and some people even went back for fifths. Buuut, totally no one you know. Because, really? Who would do that?

I tried to get everyone to speak in British accents for the party, but that faded fast. I think I was too distracted by the foods to enforce that idea.

The entire thing just made me feel proper. So perfectly proper.

It was fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous.

And it reminded me of this little gem I found on Tumblr.

One day I will say that to someone. One day.

But until that day, hot chocolate is my cup of tea.

That's all.


Summer said...

welp I just couldn't help how tasty that food was and it was SMALL so YES I maybe had some fourths or fifths hahahaha

Shan said...

Such a cute idea! I miss single's wards activities.

Susan said...

Well, sometimes your blog is my cup of tea. (:

Looks like a blast! Oh, I mean, a jolly good time!

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