I have so much to tell the world!!

That what happens when you don't do "real" blogging for two weeks!

Two weeks!

Holy smokes!

I want to tell the world that I found the perfect pair of chestnut brown boots! {And they should be here tomorrow!}

I want to tell the world that I will soon be typing on a brand-spankin'-new laptop with pink polka dots! {But it won't be here until next week. Frown.}

I want to tell the world about the 141 pairs of Christmas socks I own!

Truth be told, I don't really care to tell the world per se. Besides, wouldn't that be pretty audacious to assume by clicking "Publish" that I would be telling the entire universe?

P.s. Sometimes, when I put things in brackets, I feel like I am whispering. Just so you know.

And I hope you are ready for some serious bloggin'. 

Because it is going to happen. 

Because I have still been livin' it up.

Okay ... ish.

I have been living it up ish.

As much as Mindy lives it up. :)

P.s. I need dinner now, before I get hangry.

{Hungry + Angry = Hangry}

Peace out! But not for long. :)

I will give you a total of our fundraiser once everything is finalized. And you thought this post wouldn't be about that fundraiser ... Ha! ;)


Kat said...

I like your hangry word. I always say hungrumpy. Hungry + grumpy = hungrumpy.

Melissa said...

I've been whispering the word hangry all night. {because of the brackets}

I'm glad you are back.

Shan said...

I'm so excited to read what you have been up to.

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