I am not a Scrooge ...

I didn't help put up or decorate the Christmas tree this year.
But I am not a Scrooge.

I was busy doing this.

Which may or may not make me appear like I am a Scrooge. Buuuut, refer to the title of this post.
I was actually doing some of the finalizing details of the auction fundraiser. P.s. We raised 700 dollars for the headstone! THANK YOU!
While I didn't lay a finger on the tree or give any input on what it should look like, I did take photograph of the roommatess laying some fingers on it.

Seeeee, I told you I wasn't a Scrooge! Scrooge would never take cute pictures of happy people putting up a litl' Charlie Brown tree {I said "little" with a British accent, that is why it is spelled that way}.
I think part of my appeared-Scrooginess came from the fact that it wasn't my tree or my decorations. Buuut, then again, it was their tree or their decorations either!
It is Jilly's tree and Jilly's decorations.
So where she was?
Being a non-Scrooge too, doing a project for finals week.
While I was a lump on a log when it came to assisting putting up the tree, I will take sole responsiblity of taking down the tree. Christmas night. Or if my roommates are lucky, the wee morning hours of December 26th.

P.s. This is what our tree looks like.

And this is what it will look like next year. :)

Next up, a Christmas card! To you and yours from me and mine. 

I know you are excited.


Shan said...

Wow! $700 that is great!!

Steph said...

nice job with the fundraiser!

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