Why I am the best co-worker. Ever.

Four cake mixes and tubs of icing. 

 Five packages of almond bark. 

 Eight cookie sheets/cake pans. 

Two colors of candy melt.

 57 plastic baggies. 

 7.5 hours spread over two days. 

Only one "fatality".

 Some sparkly ribbon. 

 And there you have it; my Christmas gifts for my co-workers.

While it is no surprise I am not a domestic goddess, it may be a surprise that I can whip up a few things. Strike that. A couple things. I can whip up a couple things.

One of those things are cake balls.

The most important thing of making cake balls is to find a really good kitchen. Meaning, it's best to make them at your mom's house ... while she is out of town.

Besides finding a good kitchen, it also involves baking some cakes.

And then crumbling them up and adding 3/4ths tub of frosting per cake.

And rolling them into itty-bitty little balls.

Then you get to melt almond bark.

Once you melt the almond bark you get to dip each individual ball into it.

And sometimes you have fatalities ...

Where the cake ball falls apart in the melted almond bark.

After the almond bark hardens you then get to melt candy melt.

So you can drizzle it on the balls.  I love the word drizzle.

I drizzled the cake balls in white and red.

And then you have to hustle and clean up all the messes before your mom returns from San Jorge.

But, try as you might, she will probably return when you have one pan left to clean.


After cleaning the mess up you can then wrap them up in little plastic baggies.

Adorned with Christmas-colored ribbons, of course. Sparkly, Christmas-colored ribbons, of course.

And make them curl so they are cute.

And be sure to make 57 of them.

And ta-da! Your co-workers have Christmas gifts from you!

And if you blog about it before you give it to them, there is a high probability they will know what you are getting them. Ho-well. 

Word and merry Christmas to the co-workers.


cole linnae said...

MINDY you are so domestic!!!!!!!!! im seriously impressed here. youre the best.

Summer said...

wow I'm so proud of you mindy!! I love it!!

Bailey Family said...

yummm...... i wish i worked with you!

steve and jessica said...

Those look amazing!

Avree said...

I think you should give Jaren's to me. I don't think he's coming to work this week because of his ankle anyways. Oh and I want your mom's kitchen...really really bad.

Meg said...

Lil just made something very similar for me last night (instead of cake and frosting it had oreos and cream cheese in the middle). Yummylicious!!

Shan said...

Yours look awesome. I think you need to teach me how to make pretty looking ones.

Lil said...

Those look delicious! Now I wish I was your coworker...

Elise said...

Wow! You are amazing! Or crazy?! That is a lot of cake balls my friend :)

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