The day I fed 66 people ...

At our company we feed a large portion of the clients {and whomever else wants to buy a lunch} daily.

This is normally NBD. After all, we have a cook whose entire job is to shop for, prepare and serve the food {with the assistance of some of the clients}.

However, one day last month this suddenly did become a big deal.

Mostly because the cook came in and quite colorfully declared his departure. Not gonna lie, how this is rumored to have all gone down, he should have been on one of my behavior plans! 

But, I digress.

Our fabulous HR gal immediately began looking for a new cook. But in the meantime, all the coordinators would be taking a day to cook.

This is where I would insert the word, "GOO!" ... Had I been a coordinator. But lest we forget, I am a behaviorist. :)

However, attempts to find a new cook were not moving along as quickly as planned. Read as: not moving along at all! And the coordinators were needing some time to work on coordinator stuff. Weird, right?

That's when my company resorted to ... me.


But there I was, going to cook for 66 people. 66 people!

With only the name of what I would be serving {BBQ beef sandwiches, vegetable soup and some fruit} and no recipe nor instruction of the quantity needed, I was shipped off to Macey's to grocery shop and then return and cook!

I am not going to pretend it looked good or tasted good. 

All I know is this: none of my clients threw it! 

That may not mean anything to you, but trust me on this one, it means a lot at our company! And in all honesty, that is more than I ever dreamed of! 

Oh, and no one called in with food poisoning the next day either. Phew!

P.s. Another big adventure today. While I watch my Aggies in The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, I will be making four batches of cake balls. Suicidal much? Maybe. My co-workers better love me. Well, more than they already do. If that is possible. :)



Claire said...

Where are your gloves? and hair net??? ew

Mellie said...

Oh I wish I knew the story behind his departure! Is this same cook who was just plain creepy? Offering to be people's fitness coach? Particularly female employees? And awesome job on the cooking as well!

Meg said...

I am impressed.

Melissa said...

Your hair is SO cute!
Oh, and good job on feeding 66 people. I'm glad nobody threw it.

Shan said...

Way to go on all that cooking!

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