Crafternoons? I think I'd rather die.

I don't know if it is just the time of year or just Pinterest finally getting the best of everyone, but everyone is getting their craft on.
Except me.
However, sometimes seeing other people get their craft on make me want to  ... pay someone to get their craft on for me. :)
Maybe I just feel this way because everyone is putting up all of their Christmas decorations and I am not. I love putting up Christmas decorations. I even have my own tree {Yup! I go fake. Cheaper, no needles to pick up after, it never dies and I can replicate the smell of a real one anyway}and decorations.
Buuuuuut, I will not be able to put them up this year.
As roommates, we are taking turns.
At least I hope we are taking turns {which is better than the multiple Christmas trees in one living room like it was last year - poke.my.eyeballs.out!}.
So, maybe this post isn't about people getting their craft on at all. Maybe it is about this funny stage of life I continue to be in.
There would be sooo many perks to living alone! MY Christmas tree, MY decorations {Christmas and all others as well}. The place could be as clean as I wanted it to be, which would be spotless {well, not my room ... I reserve the right for my bedroom to look like a tornado has hit it at any given time}. And there would definitely never ever being a threat of someone teaching violin lessons in my home again. :)
Buuuuut! I there would be no one to sing my songs to {yup, those ridiculous songs I make up on the spot}. No one to drive a block and a half up the street and THEN walk to the Aggie games together. No one to do late night Happy Meal runs with. No one to be hangry with. No one to celebrate 11-11-11 at 11:11 with. No one to ask me how my day was {which my result in me asking and answering by myself!}. No one to run in to Kmart three minutes before it closes to by 81 pairs of socks. No one to have stretching challenges with. No one to have a shared roommate diary with {which makes for great coffee table reading}. And a slew of other things.
And yes, every sentence in the above paragraph was actually a fragmented sentence. What of it?

So for now, while I long to put up my Christmas decorations, I will munch on some Reese's Minis that one roommate brought me home yesterday - just to be nice. And wait for another one to come home so we can collaborate on an email to a boy that has been a jerk. 

And I will be just happy with that. Plus, the 141 pairs of socks I own are currently in the living room and no one has complained about it yet! {I have big plans for those socks ... just you wait!}
P.s. Today, I don't feel like I was whispering with the brackets.

AND ... this will be the last post written on this lil' ol' laptop!


Meg said...

One of my good friends is a pinterest addict. For the last two months or so, every sentence out of her mouth has begun with, "I was on pinterest..." or "I saw this on pinterest..."

I am not on pinterest. And I have no intention of changing that. :)

P.S. Have you closed your last two auction posts? Should I be paying you?

Shan said...

So true on the pluses and minuses of living with roommates.

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