141 Christmas Socks!

I recently purchased 141 Christmas socks.

And it wasn't as difficult {or expensive} as I thought it would be.

Three stores. Less than a dollah per sock.

And I would only need to wear 5.2 per day if I wanted to wear all of them before Christmas!

However, they aren't for me {I ain't that crasy! C'mon, peeps! What would I do with 141 Christmas socks!?} I bought them as Christmas gifts for the 141 girls that live within my ward boundaries. 

And this is what 141 pairs of Christmas socks look like ...

Mindy, Sarah, Summer and Emilee : December 4, 2011 : Logan, Utah YSA 46th Ward Relief Society Presidency
While listening to Christmas music in the background, we began our assembly line of preparing the gifts.

Sarah started us off by taking off all the tags.

I was next in line. I rolled up the Christmas message we gave to each girly.

Em was next. 

She took the messages I rolled and the tagless pairs of socks {courtesy of Sarah}, added a candy cane and tied ribbon around them.

Summer was then able to make the ribbon all curly and pretty.

It looked like a hot mess in my living room.

Yet, a very efficient, well-oiled machine. But what else would you expect working with these fabulous gals? I am so grateful for all they do!

After the socks were prepared they were sorted and placed in different bags for delivery! 

But don't worry, we made sure to keep a pair for ourselves. We consider it an early Christmas gift. 

And I don't think it would surprise many of you that mine say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" on them. :) A picture will  be added as soon as  ... I take one. And add it. :)

Hope your Christmas season is already bringing you merriness and joy!


Shan said...

That's such a cute idea!

Dan and Laura said...

Very cute idea! Who wouldn't love that Christmas gift?

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