Occupy the Spectrum

There are currently over 250 tents set up at Utah State University.

Most of them have been there since Wednesday afternoon around 1:00pm.

Some have been there since Wednesday at 3:00 am.

Over 1,400 students have been camping out.


Oh, just for a little USU vs. BYU basketball.

NBD, right?

This is why I love me some Aggie basketball. Where else would you see this?

This is also why I love Style for purchasing season tickets so I didn't have to campout in temperatures only in the teens so I could get a ticket and seat to the game tonight. :)

Go Aggies!

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Meg said...

Camping out? Seriously? Can't students get tickets in advance anymore? That's what I used to do.

I do understand wanting to go to the game, but I don't think I'm a dedicated enough fan to camp out for tickets.

whit939watts said...

i love this! i'm also grateful for season tickets and to not have to wait out in the cold.
ps that photo on my blog was taken by stephanie hyde (http://stephanie-hyde-photography.blogspot.com/)

cami said...

I loooooove USU basketball! So proud to be an Aggie!! woot woot!!

Shan said...

That's awesome!

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