Turkey in the oven, roasting with care.

Turkeys can roast, right?

Well, the turkey was in the oven.

The table set with perdy decorations.

And a gratitude tree.

Let's talk about that gratitude tree ...

Each adorable circle is something the sister's family is grateful for. 

The family cat has three circles dedicated to her.

How many circles were dedicated to me?

None. Unless you count the one that said, "Family".

Annnndm clearly I don't count that one.

I don't know why I wouldn't make the gratitude list. It's not like I am a beastly aunt who sits on her nephews.

What a great angle for me, no? And this is what a tunic shirt looks like all bunched up. Also extremely flattering. :)

I suppose it is okay that I didn't make the gratitude tree. Because after turkey, potatoes, rolls, cheese ball, pie and leftovers to take home ... I was also given this adorable goody bag.

Fill with sugary goodness like Snickers and Twix and other heavenly edibles.

And what could I do with my name on a gratitude tree?

Know of my family's love and appreciation for me?

What a bunch of garbage. How do you eat that? That's right. You don't.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

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