No Trick or Treaters. Frown.


I had friends come Trick or Treat. But no kids.

Welllll, we had one lost boy.


But don't worry, Betty Crocker, Indiana Jones, Brittany from Glee and some gal from "How I Met Your Mother" were babysitting him.

I suppose there is a perk that no kiddos came.

And that is now I get to add all the candy to my drawer at work.

And, oh, hey!

We went to a Halloween party.

Had I thought about it longer than two seconds, I would have worn my Cleopatra costume from last year just so these pictures wouldn't feel like a repeat to my three faithful readers. But alas, I did not.

I partied up with Bat Girl and a peacock 

{Not the best photo of the peacock eye make up or the feathers in her hair for Miss Jillian.}

Bat Girl happened to match the hosts of the party. They were thrilled to find her.

She wasn't too confident that she felt the same.

I then ran into this character ...

Which is fun because I only started watching X-Men last week. Had I ran into him two weeks ago, I would have had no idea he was Wolverine. :)

And now I like him because we all know Hugh Jackman is one very attractive man {sans facial hair, of course}.

P.s. Only one more Halloweenish post to come. Not too bad, right? :)


Shan said...

Goodness, Rufio and Brittany look awesome! As for Hugh, yes I must whole-heartedly agree with you AND did you know he has been married to his wife for over 16 years, they have infertility issues, they both cried over it and did what they could to try to have kids and then they adopted and they keep the birth moms hush hush so they don't have to be in the spotlight. After I found all that out about him, not only did I think he was hot but I had total and complete respect for him too.

Meg said...

Costumes are fun. I need to put up some pictures of mine.

Does anyone actually take their kids trick-or-treating door to door anymore? I didn't see any kids in our neighborhood at all.

DeeAura said...

I'm sorry, you only JUST watched X-men last week???????????????????

Zann said...

Apparently the Rufio costume brought you as much enjoyment as it did me. Quite possibly my favorite Halloween costume of all time.

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