In Cache Valley ...

there are five seasons.

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall and Aggie Basketball.

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I love it when 10,270 fans know the same dance and song. Don't you?

Especially when it's a 69-62 dub-ya over the school down south.

Word to 11-11-11.

Speaking of 11-11-11 ... Since I knew I would most likely be asleep at 11:11.11 PM, I had to make 11:11.11 AM epic.

However, sitting in a conference room, helping some people understand why it could possibly be detrimental to someone's health gaining nearly xxx pounds in less than a year is not what I would define as epic.

Which means I have to stay up until the PM version.

Hmm ... Or maybe not. There is part of me that wants to, at the exact moment of 11:11.11 PM, watch the official United States Government clock tick.

But instead I think I will go floss my teeth and peace out.

I think the Aggie win will make the day epic enough. :)

Go Aggies!

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Toni said...

And Aggie Basketball is my favorite season of all!!!

jill said...

love your post, stole a pic :)

The Allred Family said...

I can't tell you how much i miss going to those games with you...and actually, I occasionally still wear my "I da ho" shirt that we made for the USU vs ISU game:)

Shan said...

Good job USU.

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