Haunted Houses

Remember when I said I was overwhelmed with the amount of Halloweeness I had to blog about in my life?

I clearly wasn't exaggerating.

Glitterfying pumpkins, parties, the Pumpkin Walk and now haunted houses.

Not the kind you go to {Although I did go to the Haunted Forest, but did not take a photo. Frown.} but the kind you make. Liiike a gingerbread house for Christmas. But a haunted house for Halloween.

Brandon and Hillary were in town for a couple days and we partied.

And I documented with my camera phone, which, let's not kid ourselves, isn't too much different from my point and shoot camera. But I feel like that must be said, because that's what bloggers do.

And without further adieu, here.we.go!

The mess of supplies.

The only other two people besides myself who stayed at the task longer than seven minutes.


Hilly {Brandon was there for moral support??}

And the rest of the men?

Watching football. Naturally.

And we cannot forget Bentley who was running around, trying to be in all the action.

I suppose we could refer to him as Nephew 3. ;)

P.s. How do I get myself a niece?

But I digress.

This post is about haunted houses.

I think that one is Nephew 2's.

And then mine.

It looks a little dumpy. But I can live with it.Well, actually, I don't live with it. I left it at my mom's house. And she leaves it displayed in a cute look nook on the counter. I think she is leaving it there to make me feel like I am domestic.

Here's Hilly's.

Not so much haunted. :)

And Tiffy's. 

I don't think it is possible for her to anything not perfectly adorable. In fact, I am trying to think of something - anything! - even semi-dumpy she has ever done/owned ... and nothing!

And if our houses were together on a city street they would like this:

Haha! Mine looks like it is about to fall apart. Ho-well.

And with that, folks - no more Halloween until 2012! :)

And if I was a commercialized person I'd say on to Christmas! But I am not, so I remember Thanksgiving is a legit holiday and celebrate it first before moving on to all things Christmas.


Shan said...

I tried to get George to make those with me this year and he wouldn't go for it.

Melissa said...

What a cute idea, I'm going to remember this for next year.

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Meg said...

I like the haunted graham cracker house idea. I'll have to keep that in mind.

I'm also glad that you remember Thanksgiving. It is so often forgotten.

Debbie said...

So what if yours looks a bit run-down - isn't that the point? Its haunted! Those others are cutesy - not haunted.

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