Turkey in the oven, roasting with care.

Turkeys can roast, right?

Well, the turkey was in the oven.

The table set with perdy decorations.

And a gratitude tree.

Let's talk about that gratitude tree ...

Each adorable circle is something the sister's family is grateful for. 

The family cat has three circles dedicated to her.

How many circles were dedicated to me?

None. Unless you count the one that said, "Family".

Annnndm clearly I don't count that one.

I don't know why I wouldn't make the gratitude list. It's not like I am a beastly aunt who sits on her nephews.

What a great angle for me, no? And this is what a tunic shirt looks like all bunched up. Also extremely flattering. :)

I suppose it is okay that I didn't make the gratitude tree. Because after turkey, potatoes, rolls, cheese ball, pie and leftovers to take home ... I was also given this adorable goody bag.

Fill with sugary goodness like Snickers and Twix and other heavenly edibles.

And what could I do with my name on a gratitude tree?

Know of my family's love and appreciation for me?

What a bunch of garbage. How do you eat that? That's right. You don't.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!


I have been living life ...

amongst the madness of the blog auction that has been going on.

In fact, this week has probably been the busiest week I have had in a long, long time.

One of the things that made it uber-busy {besides the auction}, was preparing for yet another Relief Society activity.

My girlies and I decided to have a slumber party! Yup, I just might be the oldest person alive who has still attended a slumber party!  And yes, I did go to bed first. What of it?

Our party included some Just Dance love.

Also, we got our nails did!

And what would a slumber party be without facials? 

I.am.not.quite.sure.what.my.hair.is.doing. This inspired me to get my hair trimmed. No lie. :)

P.s. It is super hard to smile when the cream hardens ...  

Summer & Em

Annnnd, it goes without saying it makes your teeth look nast-yellow.

Summer told me not to put these photos on Facebook. She didn't say a word about my blog ...

The night also included pizza, chips, yummy desserts,  movies {Tangled!}, parter/missionary tag, and other games!

I love Linds. P.s. Look at my PJs. Skeletons and hearts!
One of my favorite things was playing Murder in the Night in the pitch-black gym! What was uber-creepy is when an unknown man walked into the gym while we were playing, stood around for five minutes and then just left! OoooOOoooh!

But one of the best parts of the night is when the the stake president, President Woodland, dropped by and gave us ice cream!

My presidency and I had to snag a photo with President Woodland super quick.

Emilee, Summer, President Woodland, Sarah and Mindy
We were super appreciative of his support {and the support of our Bishop}of the activity. And the location of our activity. ;) 

P.s. I went to sleep at midnight-thirty and woke up six to 10 times before I was awake for the day at 5:34am. Two weeks later and I still haven't caught up on that sleep.

A for sure sign I am too old for this.

Or just a harsh reminder of my insomnia. :)


11:11.11 on 11-11-11

Okay, so I lied.

I did stay up.

Jillian knew just the trick. She gave me a death page from her Titanic coloring book and it kept me occupied just long enough to get ready to celebrate.

At 11:10 we had to get ready in the front yard.

We celebrated the occasion by playing with sparklers.


And by making a wish.

When mine comes true, I will let you know. ;)

I am usually not one of nostalgia, but there is something that intrigues me about only being able to experience this once in my lifetime.

But just in case I am wrong, we all promised to show up at the same place and same time ... in 100 years.

What did you do with your once in a lifetime? :)

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In Cache Valley ...

there are five seasons.

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall and Aggie Basketball.

Photo Credit
I love it when 10,270 fans know the same dance and song. Don't you?

Especially when it's a 69-62 dub-ya over the school down south.

Word to 11-11-11.

Speaking of 11-11-11 ... Since I knew I would most likely be asleep at 11:11.11 PM, I had to make 11:11.11 AM epic.

However, sitting in a conference room, helping some people understand why it could possibly be detrimental to someone's health gaining nearly xxx pounds in less than a year is not what I would define as epic.

Which means I have to stay up until the PM version.

Hmm ... Or maybe not. There is part of me that wants to, at the exact moment of 11:11.11 PM, watch the official United States Government clock tick.

But instead I think I will go floss my teeth and peace out.

I think the Aggie win will make the day epic enough. :)

Go Aggies!

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Occupy the Spectrum

There are currently over 250 tents set up at Utah State University.

Most of them have been there since Wednesday afternoon around 1:00pm.

Some have been there since Wednesday at 3:00 am.

Over 1,400 students have been camping out.


Oh, just for a little USU vs. BYU basketball.

NBD, right?

This is why I love me some Aggie basketball. Where else would you see this?

This is also why I love Style for purchasing season tickets so I didn't have to campout in temperatures only in the teens so I could get a ticket and seat to the game tonight. :)

Go Aggies!

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Obsessed Much?

Claire and I might have a minor obsession.

It might be chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

We might go to a specific grocer in town in the wee hours of the night or morning to obtain these.

They might fill our counter tops.

I may have eaten four of the jumbo muffins in less than 24 hours.

And when the grocer doesn't have a full box of chocolate chocolate chip muffins, I might rearrange the the assorted containers and MAKE one full of chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

Finally, if push came to shove and there was only one box left, Claire and I might fight to the death to be the conqueror of the muffins.

But all that's totally normal. Right?

Happy Wednesday!

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This is important to me. Please read.

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with one of my seminary students, Bryce.

Bryce has long since graduated from high school {naturally, since I have long since taught seminary}. It is one of my favorite things to be able to remain in contact with my students to see where their lives have taken them and all the good they are doing.

In the past year Bryce and his family have fought a difficult road. His mother was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her battle on March 25, 2011.

Bryce's mother was a humble woman without much to her name. This left the financial burden of funeral costs upon Bryce and his siblings. As most of you know, the costs for funerals are quiet heavy. Her children had to take out a loan to pay for the costs, which will take a few years to pay off.

As I spoke to Bryce this week he informed me he has joined the Army and he leaves for training in February. He wants nothing more than for his mother to have a headstone at her grave before he leaves.

At her passing her children set up a memorial fund at a bank in West Valley {where she was buried}. I plan on donating to help Bryce and his family. However, I want to do more.

This is where YOU come into play.

I want to do an auction to raise money for Bryce and his family. I was hoping my dear readers could assist me by offering services/items to be up for bid. I would then put each service/item on the blog and readers could bid for the item in the comments section. All proceeds would go to the memorial fund. If you want to put something up for auction, please leave a comment below or email me at runaholic {at} gmail {dot} com. Also, if you happen to know anyone who has services/items they could donate, please ask them. {Some of the items already being offered are accessories, home decor, massages, clothing, etc.}

If you don't want to bid on anything, you can donate by clicking on the button below:

The money will go into my PayPal account. At the end of the auction, I will deposit all the money into the memorial fund set up at Utah Central Credit Union.

If you would like to donate directly to the memorial fund you can do so by calling or visiting the bank:

Utah Central Credit Union
"In Memory of Judy LaRocco"
4090 South 4800 West
West Valley, UT 84120

The auction will begin on Monday, November 14th {to give people time to prepare their items for bidding}. I will be putting up a handful of services/items for bidding daily until I run out of items. There will be a deadline for bidding on each item. The person who bid the highest for each item/service will be the winner and will use the PayPal account to pay for the item/service.

Again, if you have items/service you would like to donate or know anyone who does, please contact me ASAP. If you have any other questions, let me know and I will get back to you.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!



Remember when I saw the fabulous Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas?

Upon exiting the exhibit we ended up in a souvenir shop, a play taken right off the pages of Disneyland's playbook, no? :)

They had a lot of souvenirs. Blankets. Dishes/cups that looked exactly like those on the Titanic. Baby bibs! Silverware! And even coal from the actual titanic!


Until I saw this:

When I saw it, I immediately knew I had to buy a couple copies of it ... for my roommates


And who wouldn't love to color the tailing tale of men ...

in frantic panic creating their own destiny by ...

jumping to their deaths?

And searching for life boats ...

 with apparently no success?

The perfect gift for my roommates, right? If only I knew small children who liked to color I would have bought several more copies!

I cannot imagine anything being a bigger hit in the souvenir shop. Can you?

I bet all those people who purchased the actual coal from the Titanic would foolish knowing they had missed  out on this opportunity. 

For some strange reason, my roommates haven't started coloring yet. But I am confident that they will soon. And I will be sure to show you the finished product. I hope you can contain your excitement until then.

P.s. I am undertaking a huge project. I will be posting about it tomorrow or Monday. Annnd it will involve your help {some of you already have!}. But more about that later. :)

Happy Saturday!


Haunted Houses

Remember when I said I was overwhelmed with the amount of Halloweeness I had to blog about in my life?

I clearly wasn't exaggerating.

Glitterfying pumpkins, parties, the Pumpkin Walk and now haunted houses.

Not the kind you go to {Although I did go to the Haunted Forest, but did not take a photo. Frown.} but the kind you make. Liiike a gingerbread house for Christmas. But a haunted house for Halloween.

Brandon and Hillary were in town for a couple days and we partied.

And I documented with my camera phone, which, let's not kid ourselves, isn't too much different from my point and shoot camera. But I feel like that must be said, because that's what bloggers do.

And without further adieu, here.we.go!

The mess of supplies.

The only other two people besides myself who stayed at the task longer than seven minutes.


Hilly {Brandon was there for moral support??}

And the rest of the men?

Watching football. Naturally.

And we cannot forget Bentley who was running around, trying to be in all the action.

I suppose we could refer to him as Nephew 3. ;)

P.s. How do I get myself a niece?

But I digress.

This post is about haunted houses.

I think that one is Nephew 2's.

And then mine.

It looks a little dumpy. But I can live with it.Well, actually, I don't live with it. I left it at my mom's house. And she leaves it displayed in a cute look nook on the counter. I think she is leaving it there to make me feel like I am domestic.

Here's Hilly's.

Not so much haunted. :)

And Tiffy's. 

I don't think it is possible for her to anything not perfectly adorable. In fact, I am trying to think of something - anything! - even semi-dumpy she has ever done/owned ... and nothing!

And if our houses were together on a city street they would like this:

Haha! Mine looks like it is about to fall apart. Ho-well.

And with that, folks - no more Halloween until 2012! :)

And if I was a commercialized person I'd say on to Christmas! But I am not, so I remember Thanksgiving is a legit holiday and celebrate it first before moving on to all things Christmas.


No Trick or Treaters. Frown.


I had friends come Trick or Treat. But no kids.

Welllll, we had one lost boy.


But don't worry, Betty Crocker, Indiana Jones, Brittany from Glee and some gal from "How I Met Your Mother" were babysitting him.

I suppose there is a perk that no kiddos came.

And that is now I get to add all the candy to my drawer at work.

And, oh, hey!

We went to a Halloween party.

Had I thought about it longer than two seconds, I would have worn my Cleopatra costume from last year just so these pictures wouldn't feel like a repeat to my three faithful readers. But alas, I did not.

I partied up with Bat Girl and a peacock 

{Not the best photo of the peacock eye make up or the feathers in her hair for Miss Jillian.}

Bat Girl happened to match the hosts of the party. They were thrilled to find her.

She wasn't too confident that she felt the same.

I then ran into this character ...

Which is fun because I only started watching X-Men last week. Had I ran into him two weeks ago, I would have had no idea he was Wolverine. :)

And now I like him because we all know Hugh Jackman is one very attractive man {sans facial hair, of course}.

P.s. Only one more Halloweenish post to come. Not too bad, right? :)
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