That one time I jumped 13,000 feet out of an airplane ...

That title is misleading.

Because there have actually been two times that I have jumped out of an airplane 13,000 feet above the ground.  Once in the summer of 2007 and a second on September 5th of this year.

Clairence wanted to jump out of an airplane on her 21st birthday and wanted me to join her.


I think I always knew I'd skydive a second time. 1. It is amasing, why wouldn't I want to do it again? 2. I didn't pay for photographs the first time, which was dang dumb. Soo, I had to go again to get photo documentation of it.

The first time I went I did it in Ogden.

But for Claire's birthday extravaganza, it suited us more to go to Toole {so we could continue the celebration in Salt Lake afterwards}.

Here we are as we arrived.

Anytime I am photographed next to Claire I am immediately reminded that I am just shy of being six feet tall. I wonder what makes me remember that? ;)

When you arrive they have you sign your life away {literally} and watch an optional 20 minute video. Anyone who knows my patience levels, knows whether or not I watched the optional 20 minute video. Don'tcha? :)

Then your skydiving buddy gets you suited up in your harness.

They give you a few tips. Put your head back when you jump, arch your back, don't put your arms out until they tap you on the shoulder and never, ever under any circumstances should you ever read behind your tandem buddy and fiddle with the parachute. Uhm, that never even crossed my mind.

After a few minutes of preparation we loaded the airplane.

We start to fly up ...

We then get attached to our tandem buddies. Mine was named Collin.

At the 13,000 feet mark, I was the first to goooo.

This is my first look out the door!

 I'm so chill.

This experience is extremely surreal. Your mind cannot fathom the concept that you are truly 13,000 feet above the ground and are actually jumping out of plane! Because of this, it really isn't that scary at all {the scary part to me is when they open the door of the plane as you are ascending, because my mind can comprehend a door being open on a plane}.

When we stepped onto the edge, it was raining! Even though on the ground it was not.

And in a single moment, you jump.

And fall.

Reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour of pure free fall.

And then you get tapped on the shoulder, so you open up your arms.

And fall some more.

And it is fantastically fun.

And you get really fun hair styles and facial distortions. 

P.s. Did you check out Collin's arms? Particularly his veins. Zoo-wee-mama!

And then the parachute is released. And with a gentle pull backwards, you got upright.

You then get to glide for a few minutes. Your tandem buddy actually has to have you hold onto the handles of the parachute for a minute or so as he adjusts both harnesses.

I loathe holding onto the parachute. I hate feeling like I am in control of our lives several hundred feet above the ground!

And after gliding, you come in for a landing.

The landing is actually the most dangerous part of the entire experience. When done wrong, this is where most people are injured or die. Goo!

I was extremely appreciative of Collin  protecting my life while on this adventure.

 P.s. Collin also reminds me that I am nearly six feet tall. :)

What an unbelievable experience - even better the second time around!

And for anyone who has thought of what it is like to skydive and to those who have considered going, I quote  Leonardo da Vinci, "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

And with my photos came a video. :)

Look for me flashing a gang sign, it's awkwardfantabulous.


BreAna Palmer said...

you are one brave women! You make it look so easy. Way to go mindy, I think having it photographed was a really good idea.

Nicole Anderson said...

You should know that Adalyn watched the WHOLE thing with me! Looked like a blast!

Shan said...

You basically amaze me! You are brave.

Allison and Josh said...

Mindy! You are so brave!

utleyclaire said...

Maybe because you ARE nearly six feet tall AND because I'm barely over five...just sayin.
P.S. Sky Diving = AWESOME Thanks for going with me Best Birthday Eva:)
P.P.S. if this posts like 4 times I apologize blogger hates me right now.

cole linnae said...

omg. i could never ever ever. bless your soul for being so brave

Erica said...

My stomach gets sick just looking at these photos. But good for you for being so brave! :)

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