San Jorge!

I've never been an avid fan of St. George, Utah.

Don't get me wrong, I have never hated it. But I just never liked it. I mean, sure it's semi-warmish in the harsh northern Utah winters, but it's about 100 flippin' degree from May to September.


I will take Logan's -20* any day over a flippin' six months of 100 degrees, which I am sure is needless to say.

My indifference to San Jorge {which is the Spanish way to say it} may have changed slightly in February when my brother and his adorable wife loaded up all of their belongings and made the trek south. While I hated him moving there, we all knew it would save his life. And for sunnier days to give him more days, how can I be hatin' on that?

I received a phone call from my brother about a month ago, inviting me down to San Jorge for a shopping spree - for my birthday! How fantastic is he?

I headed down last weekend and had to drive through a blizzard to get there. But it was well worth it. This post, and the following two, will document my weekend with him and my fabulous sister-in-law.

But before we go on, I must let you know that when I stay in St. George, I feel like I am living in a magazine.

How could I not feel like I was living in a magazine when it looks like this?

When my brother and sister-in-law built their house, my parents decided to do a little "apartment" add-on to the house. In St. George is commonly known as a casita.

My uber-talented mama decorated it all.

I love everything about it!

My first night we chatted for a bit, but didn't want to get to bed too late as we were headed out early the next morning ...


Shan said...

Gorgeous apartment and smart parents!

cami said...


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