Pumpkin Walk

Here in Cache Valley we have an adorable little Halloween tradition called the Pumpkin Walk. It is where different groups, organizations, schools, etc. turn pumpkins, gourds and squash into fun and creative scenes.

My roommates headed out last week {the day before the weather turned totally frigid!} and had a maaarvelous time.

Some of my favorite scenes displays:


Then three from A Christmas Story ...

Ralphie getting his mouth cleaned out with a bar of soap.Yum!

Ralphie in his Christmas pajamas!

Ralphie with the leg light. :)

There was also an Angry Birds display.

And the Nightmare before Christmas.

Needlessly to say, I particularly liked the USU football display.

The orange jerseys said, "Mustangs" which is the mascot of a local high school. The joke was that USU playing a high school team would be the only way the score would be 24-0. ;)

This next scene is from Zombies vs. Plants ... err something?

I just really like the zombies.

Besides the scenes, the walkway of the Pumpkin walk is outlined with carved pumpkins. The people in charge of the Pumpkin Walk asked our ward to carve some this year.

This was mine.


This was mine. :)

JK. I didn't even attend that Home Evening activity. :)

At the end of the Pumpkin Walk there are those board thingies to stick your head into to take photos. My roommates and I obliged to the Pumpkin Walk spirit and took photos in them.

Which do you like best? :)

Claire, Stabs, Mindy

YODA! P.s. I have never seen any of these movies.

Claire, of course, was Harry Potter. Would now be the appropriate time to tell you I have never read the Harry Potter books nor seen the Harry Potter movies?

I did, however, read some Clifford books as a youngster.

And I have seen The Little Mermaid. :) I think Jillian makes a fantastic Ariel. Doesn't it make you want to be part of her world? ;)

Word to the Pumpkin Walk.

And word to your mother. Peace out, Boy Scouts.


Erin said...

Oh how I love and miss the pumpkin walk! Thanks for posting these pictures, I've been trying to explain to Steve what it is but it's hard to get it without "seeing" it. Those are some awesome displays.

Lindsey Robb said...

I love the pumpkin walk! I used to go in the fall with Brooky! Such fun displays this year! Love it.

Shan said...

I used to love the pumpkin walk. I have friends who still drive down for it every year. One year I intend to go with them. I liked you as Yoda.

Avree said...

I am loving all your Halloween-ness! We also did the pumpkin walk, it was my first time, I loved it! Shame on you for not reading Harry Potter though :(

Lissa Chandler said...

You have never read or seen Harry Potter?!


I LOVE Harry Potter. :)

Meg said...

I'm with you on Harry Potter and Star Wars. Never read/seen them.

I miss the pumpkin walk. It was always amazing what people could come up with. There's nothing that cool up here.

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