My Men ...

Last month I had the opportunity to meet up with my boys.

In the duration of our five-year friendship we have all grown up and changed so much that I 'spose referring to them as my boys is inaccurate.

They are my men.
Adam, Mindy and Chance : September 3, 2011 : Bountiful Temple

We all met in the summer of 2006 while working as EFY counselors in Provo.

We have experienced so much together since that time.

We have become better people, more Christ-like people because of our association together.

I am who I am today because they have been in my life.

And even though we have been scattered in different locations of the country and our relationships have changed, when we are reunited it just feels like that is where we are meant to be.

Last month was the first time we had all been together together for over two years. We gathered for a wedding. Not one of our own. :) But I assume we will gather together again for those occasions as well.

It is uncertain when our paths will all cross again.

But it is certain it will be a grand day when they do.

P.S. How ironic is this?

Me with my boys for the first time in two years and Clairence with her boys for the last time in two years.

I think she copied me. Even if her photo was taken two weeks before mine. :)


Shan said...

Oh those EFY friends! Funny how working for the summer can make you such good friends.

Meg said...

It's always fun to reunite with good friends.

Allison and Josh said...

I love EFY friends!! By the way, you are probably my favorite EFY friend :)

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