Las Vegas!

The day after I arrived in St. George we headed to Las Vegas {the location of my favorite store!}.

My brother "gave me enough money" for my shopping spree "for [me] to buy a few nice things."

Let's not kid ourselves though, I made out like a bandit!

After the shopping we went to a fancy-schmancy dinner at a place called Lupo at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. It was a restaurant by Wolfgang Puck. It wasn't too shabby. ;)

Afterwards we headed to the Luxor to go to something I've been wanting to see for months, the Titanic exhibit!

You aren't supposed to take photos inside ... I felt like I was in Washington, DC again. I was obedient. But fortunately, other people have not been. :)

This is a perfect replica of the third class passengers quarters.

These dishes were found sunken into the sand just like this over 2.5 miles under the ocean's surface!

The staircase. Also an exact replica. Apparently this is how it looks on the film, Titanic, as well.

The state room. Today someone would be paying over $57,000 to say in this room.

One of my favorite parts, the replica of the deck. It was beautiful and peaceful. Yet cold and eerie.

They had a room with an "iceburg" in it. They allowed you to feel it to understand how cold the passengers in the water must have felt. However, salt water freezes at a lower temperature than non-salt water. The water the passengers entered were colder than this chunk of ice.

The largest artifact from the Titanic.

Part of the wall the ship's wall. It was so heavy it took over eight years to actually get out of the ocean and three different tries. Each rivet was hand made. There were over a million on the entire ship.

At the beginning of the exhibit you are given a boarding pass for a passenger.

At the end you see a wall to see if the passenger you represent lived or died. Being a first-class female, I knew I had a pretty good chance of surviving. And I did.

There was a quote from another first-class female passenger on the wall. She said, "They were calling for the women and children to get into the life boats. It meant safety for me, but it also meant the most profound loss I have ever known - the life of my husband."

My brother was a third-class male. And was one of the over 1500 people who killed.

If anyone ever has the chance to go to the exhibit - go! It was wonderful!

And if you can get a brother to give you a shopping spree to your favorite store, you should do that too! ;)


Shan said...

Wow! I didn't know there was an exhibit like that. I want to go now.

NikeMan said...

I was there today but came back :(
I would want to go but we decided not to :\ My Family member got a piece of coal that was at the bottom of the titanic

cami said...

so so jealous of this trip!

Kat said...

I am obsessed with H&M! Do you know that one is coming here to Utah? Salt Lake area!! :)

Meg said...

The titanic exhibit looks amazing!

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