I avoid Pinterest ...

Like the plague.

It makes me feel like a failure at so many things - at life in general. Because I simply cannot do those things. I do not take fancy photography. I do not make DIY projects {in fact, Kat had to teach me mere months ago what DIY even meant!}. I don't really bake or cook. I don't truly decorate my home.  I mean, if I can purchase something - why on this green earth would I make it??

Does that make me a brat?


Considering all the above, it's no wonder I plan church activities like canoeing and water kickball. It's just more my forte.

So imagine my surprise when the adorable RS meeting {read as enrichment} committee came up with a crafting activity for October's meetin'.


{P.s. I hope Claire doesn't read this blog. Because I told my roommates I would do 10 push-ups anytime I say, type, or text that word. It's a dirty habit. I am trying to stop ... but clearly not trying too hard at this point.}

I have had my current calling three separate times ... and I think this is THEE first crafting activity I have ever been part of.


But not only were they going to be a-craftin' - they wanted themed refreshments as well!
Melissa and Summer were in charge of the punch.

To be adorned with creepy ice cube hands.

It's really unfortunate when you accidentally break some of the fingers off and the creepy ice cube hand ends up flipping you off.

One perk though, having ice cube fingers floating in the punch.

Em and Amanda were in charge of making the pudding for the graveyard pudding cups!

And believe it or not, I had a task too!

I made the headstones for the graveyard pudding cups.

I think it is because the cookies were already made and they knew I knew how to spell RIP.

The craft {P.s. I feel like I am swearing when I think/type that word} were making Halloween lanterns out of jars, tissue paper and modge podge.

Jessie and Sara were in charge of making homemade modge podge.

Some of the gals were uber creative.

And I?

I somehow talked someone else into making one for me. :)

And I like it.  A lot.

I figure I can handle a lot more crafting activities if someone else makes the craft for me. :) Which, instead of being a DIY {Do It Yourself} it is now a HSEDIFY {Have Someone Else Do It For You}. Which is a very, very beautiful thing. :)

Happy October, peeps!


Katie Jane said...

I feel like your craftiness and my craftiness are in the same realm.

Ester said...

I'd say that was a pretty dang CRAFTY church activity! :) Mindy, you're adorable.

Shan said...

You crack me up! Your RIP headstones are very good!

Kat said...

I love this!! HSOEDIFY seems like the best idea ever. In fact, I have implemented this action recently. Being huge and pregnant means I can't really do much. I have TONS of ideas and projects and I usually end up delegating them to someone (who ends up being my mom most of the time!) I love all the cute Halloween stuff. I wish I could throw a party and steal some of these ideas!

Avree said...

Wow Mindy, you just might have a future career in crafting! Oh and somehow I missed your last post, I just read it and LOVED it! You really should stop throwing yourself at the poor boy though.

Jared said...

Best line from this entry:

"I mean, if I can purchase something - why on this green earth would I make it??"


Then again, I'm a boy so yeah...

Erin said...

Ewwww, those ice cub hands are pretty creepy, but awesome! Looks like you all had a fun time. I too am not a craft person, but it's funny to read this because I'm just about to head to a RS craft night. I will attempt to be crafty for 1.5-2 hour and not pull my hair out in the process. :)

Lissa Chandler said...

these are cute! and i think your rip cookies looked fantastic. :)

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