How to ...

successfully glitterfy your entire life!

Instead of carving pumpkins, my roommates and I decided to glitterfy pumpkins.

And in the process, glitterfied our entire lives.

Glitter glistens on our living room floor and sparkles its way up our stairs.

Glitter twinkles in our kitchen and on the bottoms of most of our shoes while it trails into our bedrooms.

And shimmers off with any visitor that drops by.

It all began when the glitter was safely in these bottles.

With some pumpkins, gourds, glue and paint brushes!

We thought if the glitterification happened outside, it would stay outside.

Oh, how young, foolish and naive we are were!

Naturally, I had to use the pink glitter.

And yes, I am wearing bright red pantelones. Thanks for noticing. :)

Glitter here. Glitter there.

Glitter everywhere


I also made a white glitterfied pumpkin.

So I could do this with it ...

P.s. With the red pantelones and the polka-dot top, I was told by multiple people that I looked like Minnie Mouse. And it isn't even Halloween yet!

We adorned our porch with the glittered pumpkins.

And as previously mentioned, apparently our entire lives too. 

And since I loooove anything that sparkles, I am totally okay with that.

I think I have found a new Halloween tradition.

What are yours? :)


Dan and Laura said...

So glad you gals did that fun project OUTside. They turned out super cute! I'll have to try that someday. We're going to be lame and traditional and just plain old carve our jack-o-lantern tomorrow night. :)

cole linnae said...

SO jealous of how cute these are!! i knew i shoulda glittered instead of sharpied mine.

Shan said...

I really wanted to do some glittering this year. I'm going to have to try it next year.

Melissa said...

So cute! We haven't carved our pumpkins yet, maybe we'll just glitter them instead.

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