He just cannot seem to do anything right ...

We have to talk about a boy.

I suppose he is a man, but I would prefer to call him a boy.

Bless his heart, he is just one of those people that everything he says and/or does {at least when I am concerned} is wrong. I would say, "No matter how hard he tries ..." but let's not fool ourselves. He's clearly not trying.

I met him back in May at the Mexican Fiesta I put together for our ward.

He came and sat by me after I had drawn the Mexi-mustaches {with permanent marker} on several guys' faces. I asked him if he wanted a Mexi-stache. He politely declined.

We began chatting. I am a polite chatter, so I was asking him a slew of questions about himself. After about 15 minutes he smiled and said, "I hardly know anything about you! Tell me where you are from! Where you went to high school!"

I informed him I was a Logan native and graduated from Logan High {Grrr! I'm a grizzly!}. 

He then asked the dreaded question.

"What year did you graduate?"

I opted to be honest, even though sometimes I lie. :)

After I told him the year he said without a moment's hesitation, "Well, I got to go."


Clearly, he could not speak to someone who was four years older than him.

That is exhibit A.

Exhibit B occurred the following Sunday. I was walking down a hallway at Church. He appeared from the other end of the hallway and as we got close I smiled and said, "Hi."

Apparently he took that as, "I am madly in love with you and want to bear your children" - or something similar because when he made eye contact with me, he immediately looked away and did.not.say.a.word. as he continued to walk past me in the hallway.

Needlessly to say, the boy and I have not interacted much since then. And not much to anyone's dismay. :)

About a month ago, our ward put together groups for Family Home Evening {did you know in singles wards it is now just supposed to be referred to as Home Evening?}. The boy and an adorable girl in the ward were in charge of doing this.


I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I approached the adorable girl and informed her my name wasn't on the list. She immediately says, "Boy did it."

You begin to wonder if it was intentional ...

Then last night.

Oh, last night.

We were are at ward prayer. At one point, when we do the actual praying, the person about to pray asks if there is anyone that needs to be prayed for {I am not particularly fond of this practice, but that is an entirely different issue}. Boy raises his hand and says, "Mindy."

Everyone looks at me, concerned that for some reason I needed to be prayed for.

He looks over at me {and "looks" is a generous word, I'd prefer to say glares over at me} and says, "NOT YOU."

I don't really think he intended it to come out so harshly ... but zoo-wee-mama! I may or may have not laughed out loud right then and there. As well as every member of my presidency.

Which leads me to write this letter today.


Dear Boy:

I am so sorry that as I was drawing Mexi-mustaches back in May that I clearly gave you the impression that I was at least four, if not more, years younger than I am.

I am so sorry that I had the audacity to think I had the right to speak to someone without making sure they were okay with our age difference first.



Mindy M. Thornley


And that's all. :)

Happy Monday everyone!


Andrea said...

love the letter. . . and happy monday to you too.

Shan said...

Love it! Boys are weird.

Jared said...


Summer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Summer said...

oh mindy. sweet sweet mindy. i loved every single word of this (especially the 'bear your children" part. that fella is something else. annnddd he is CLEARLY missing out on one of the most. amazing. gals. ever. for real. :) he needs to be added to the 'to be kicked' list on your blog!

cole linnae said...

i heard about this moron from summy. want me to kick him in the jewels?

Snake said...

This story is hard to believe because women can not be older than men. It's science.

Angie said...

Mindy I LOVE your blog. Sometimes, when I'm having a hard day, you make me smile. You make me smile on other days too. You're fabulous!

cami said...

hear hear! You are the bomb.com

the end.

love your face.

for reals... the end.

Allison and Josh said...

hahaha! Wow! I hope you added him to your needs to be kicked list. Boys are idiots sometimes. Even after you're married. :) I can't wait for your upcoming blog post. Yeah, you know the one!

Eliza said...

Haha :) This cracked me up! I saw your comment referencing You've Got Mail on Me & Mr. C and had to stop by. I'm following you now! I blog at http://asteroid-325.blogspot.com, please swing by! xoxo eliza

Meg said...

As it is entirely impossible for two people of different ages, especially if the female is older than the male, to be friends, I can see why he has avoided you. I hope you send your letter. :)

DeeAura said...


only not funny. because I meet guys like him every day.

You know the kind. The ones who drop their jaws on the ground and make no attempt to cover it up when they find out you're a month or a year or a lot of years older than they are.

when they were clearly the dudes walking up to me in the first place.

Okay, I'm done. :)

Lissa Chandler said...

ew. he bugs me.

Stephanie said...

Thanks to Emily Adams I stumbled upon your blog ;o) The guy is so not worth your time. And I'm proof that it is okay to be married to a younger man, even though I swear we could be the same age (almost a 5 year difference). I really did love your letter! priceless!

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